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Scrip Vendors

The Rochester Catholic Schools Scrip Program purchases gift cards at a discounted rate from national and local merchants where many RCS families already do their shopping. Scrip gift cards can be purchased for everyday expenses like food, clothing, gas, gifts and other essentials. The gift card is used just like any gift card. When a gift card from the Scrip Program is purchased the buyer pays full face value, and receives a rebate that can be used to reduce facility fees, tuition costs, or provide extra income to Rochester Catholic Schools and parishes.

To be sure you are maximizing your rebate, it is important to understand and know how to order the three types of vendors that participate in our Scrip program: National, Local, and RACS (Rochester Area Christian Schools).

National Vendors

Rochester Catholic Schools utilizes the services of Great Lakes Scrip Center which is based in Michigan. Great Lakes does business under the heading of Great Lakes acts as an intermediary between national retail chains and Rochester Catholic Schools.

Great Lakes purchases gift cards from over 700 national retailers and they manage the relationship with those retailers. The stated discounts range between 1-20%.

Local Vendors

Rochester Catholic Schools has established relationships with local vendors. Discounts have been negotiated locally, which means Local Vendors will generally offer a discount greater than the national vendor amount. The discounts vary by vendor and the arrangement with each of these vendors is managed by RCS directly.

To purchase RCS Local gift cards through your account, type RCS in the search bar and click search. There will be a list of products, to view them all, click on More Products until you see the prompt Less Products.

Because these cards are purchased locally, you will always receive a physical card, these cards are not Reloadable, and RCS cannot honor "Special Values."


Apollo Liquor





Fleet Farm



Kohl'sVictorias Ristorante

Kwik Trip

Whistle Binkies

RACS Vendors

Rochester Area Christian Schools (RACS) Vendors are area vendors that have agreed to accept a uniform certificate. To order a RACS certificate through, type RACS in open field, select the preferred denomination from the drop down list, and enter the quantity you need, and then Add to Cart.

RACS vendors agree to provide a 7% discount. The RACS program is managed by RCS staff on behalf of RCS, Schaeffer Academy and RCLS.

Click here to view a complete list.