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Celebrate Our Educators

Give a special shout-out to an educator by making a gift to the RCS Fund for Academic Excellence today. When a gift is made to this fund, the name of the teacher or staff member will be listed below to honor the impact they have made on the life of a student and family.


Stephanie-Ann Faubion
Maureen Sherman
Emily Welhaven
Monica Steinmetz
Brett Blattner
Zach Hanson
Peter Fourniea
Matt Langsdale
Kalyn Wilkinson
Shannon Weick
Emily Heydon
Melissa Murno
Margi Newkirk
Wendy Hanson
Darlene Vincent
Dayo Powell
Garrett O'Connell
Andrew Scheller
Chris Hoffman
Lisa Wiederholt
Dave Jenson
Maureen Lawson
Shana Horner
Melissa Reim
Chris McGuire
Sarah Groven
Nancy Gaudet
Morgan Zanella
Andrew Markert
Amy Thompson
Luke Taylor
Sara Staiert
Adrian Bihun
Pam Smith
Joan Sobotka
Sue Smith
Mary Apel
Amy Storms
Colleen Hanson
Jen Good
Kelly Schmall
Megan Mullenbach
Christy Cameron
Rachel Strauss
Molly Stroh
Amelia Smith
Robert Gardner
Maggie Ericson
Sam Puff
Jennifer Durkee
Brett Amundson
Patty Ward-Montoya
Andy Poterucha
Jason Fuhrmeister
Bryan & Colleen Streefland
Audrey Wenner
Mary Greve
Bob Weinmann
Elizabeth Plattenberger
Desma Hurtado
Jennifer O'Hara
Holy Spirit Catholic School Teachers & Staff
Co-Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist Middle School Teachers & Staff
RCS Teachers
LHS Music Teachers
Reading and Math Specialists
Former Sisters of St. Francis Teachers
St. Francis of Assisi Teachers