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Honoring Our Educators

Give a special shout-out to an educator by making a gift to the RCS Fund for Academic Excellence today. When a gift is made to this fund, the name of the teacher or staff member will be listed below to honor the impact they have made in the life of a student and family.


Help us honor and celebrate our devoted RCS educators!

Marilyn Treder
Kate Pederson
RCS Music Department Directors & Staff
Robin Erickson
Jaci Jurgenson
Margi Newkirk
Pam Smith
Monica Steinmetz
Mary Greve
Melissa Murno
Karen Sheehan
Kalyn Wilkinson
Sue Smith
Emily Heydon
Lisa Ellman
Barb Plenge
Mary Apel
Mrs. Smith
Andrew Markert
Mary Spring
Joe Mayer
Rich Decker
Ryan Todd
Rebekah Van Buskirk
Jaci Jurgenson
Alisa Rossow
Ralph Peterson
Emily Welhaven
Amy Storms
The teachers and principal of the Co-Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist Middle School
Kathryn Bestor
Rick Zillgitt
Rachel Strauss
Brenna Schmitt
Dave Jenson
Nichelle Guillaume
John Schreiber
Mary Spring
Melissa Pannell
Msgr. Gerald Mahon
Sara Staiert
Brian Krenik
The teachers and principal at Holy Spirit Catholic School
Annie Stevermer
Jerry Hrabe
Maggie Ericson
Sarah Groven
Jane Ness
Lourdes High School Senior Class Teachers
Jen O'Hara
Heidi Cafarella
Amy Heimer
Matt Langsdale
Cheryl Hagen
Riley Sinn
Mr. Furhmeister
Father Tom Loomis
Wendy Hanson
Audrey Wenner
Melissa Murno
Teachers at St. John's Middle School
Sandra Tischer
All Faithful Teachers
Rachel Strauss
All past Franciscan Sisters
Laurie Keller 
St. Francis of Assisi School Staff
Gene Eiden
Patricia Ward-Montoya
Shannon Weick
Father Gavin
Laura Anderson
Jeanne Judge-Kean
St. Francis Teachers
St. Francis Catholic School