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Young Alumni Launch Product

When Michael Watkins and Oliver Dilger were enrolled in a business capstone class at Lourdes before they graduated in 2018, they were presented with the challenge of creating a new product. Watkins had recently attended a concert in Minneapolis and noticed that people were constantly searching the floor for items they had lost. The duo created Underzips, underwear with zippers, a product that keeps personal items, such as keys and credit cards, secured and zipped up. 

Shortly after graduation from Lourdes, the pair presented their ideas and later secured funding from local investors. Underzips was designed, sourced, and funded with a mission of supporting veterans through entrepreneurship. For every pair of Underzips sold, the company gives $1 to Folds of Honor, which provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members. The company has already donated nearly $300 to Folds of Honor.

"We really wanted to create a product that aligned with our personal beliefs and goals,” said Watkins. 

Dilger, who served as Chief Marketing Officer for a short period after graduation, has now transitioned back to his pre-medical studies at Boston College. “The next step is to hire a marketing agency to boost awareness and sales of our product,” said Watkins. Underzips can be purchased online and at select retail locations.