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School ‘Houses’ Build Community

At Holy Spirit Catholic School, students in the Franciscan House met in October to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. The second graders worked with their fifth-grade buddies, both members of the same house, to create symbols representing St. Francis. The Franciscan House is one of three included in the House System at Holy Spirit.

This is the second year of the school’s House System, which encourages a positive school culture, teamwork, friendship, academic achievement, service, and leadership. Each house pairs younger students with older student buddies. The system also includes the Benedictine House, comprised of first and fourth graders, and Jesuit House, made up of kindergarteners and third graders.

“Relationships are the key to everything at our school. The House system helps younger students have role models and gives the older students a chance to mentor,” said Principal Chris Smith.
Students stay in the same house their entire time at Holy Spirit and grow in their relationships throughout the years. They sit together at mass and meet as a group at least once a month for prayer, service, and other activities. Houses set goals for house activities, service projects, and excellent behavior. Each house is led by captains and captains-in-training and has its own identity, including a house prayer, mascot, color, motto, and t-shirt.