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Mentors Boost Middle School Success 

Rochester Catholic Schools continues its focus on incorporating different learning options to help meet the individual needs of each student. At the new Co-Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist Middle School, students can engage in the Traditional Learning Program or Summit Learning Program. The Summit Learning Program supports students on an individualized path of self-directed learning that includes multiple resources as well as a mentoring component. 

“We know how important it is for children to be truly connected with and cared for by the adults at their school. Through Summit Learning, all students are paired with a mentor who acts as their advocate both inside and outside of the classroom,” said Director of Teaching and Learning Christine Gregory.

Mentoring is one of the key pillars of the Summit Learning. A mentor can be a teacher, school leader, or other administrator at the school. Mentors meet with their students one-on-one regularly and use the Mentoring page in the interactive Summit Learning Platform to support students in their progress towards short-term and long-term academic and personal goals.

The Mentoring page in the platform gives teachers more flexibility, predictability, and control over their mentoring schedule. Doing so enables teachers to more easily integrate mentoring time into what’s happening in their classrooms. 

Teachers can also see how mentoring is being implemented with students, as well as data snapshots on how their students are progressing. As a result, teachers can easily identify which students to prioritize for check-in scheduling, how to best prepare for each check-in, and how to make sure that every student gets the mentoring time they need.

Through the mentoring component, not only are teachers able to check in on their students’ progression, but students also can reach out to their teachers while working on assignments. Whether they need clarification, guidance, or proofing, this has already proven to be a highly effective tool for students to self-advocate and take ownership of their work. Students in Summit Learning will gain valuable study and organizational skills they will be able to take with them into high school and beyond. 

“Mentorship is a beautiful and living expression of our faith,” said Gregory. “This program allows us to further our mission to develop the spiritual, social, emotional, and academic facets of students.”

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