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A Message from Director of Schools Haidee Todora


We have enjoyed a successful beginning to the school year and thank our families, teachers, and staff for working together to support our students as they continue to grow and realize their God-given talents. As we begin our journey toward the holiday season, let us take a moment to focus on the tremendous gift of Catholic education.

Our schools offer an added blessing to families by working alongside them to complete the Christian formation of their children. Becoming who God wishes us to be is a life-long process that requires integration of faith and life. Living the mission of the Catholic Church daily in our schools teaches our children how to share their personal lives with God. We nurture the light of faith, the importance of responsibility to the community, the ability to overcome individualism, and the desire to live in sacrifice for others.

Each of our schools may have different histories, traditions, and locations, but they are all essential to our goal of making Catholic education available, accessible, and affordable to all families. Our schools are irreplaceable instruments of evangelization and provide an environment which nurtures integral formation of the human person.

As we approach Advent and this time of giving, let us offer our children the gift of ourselves and our time, silence in being present, and family prayer. May we have the courage to seek the Holy Spirit to encounter grace, and ask the Lord to give us wisdom to find our way through the narrow gate.

We are grateful to all our students, families, teachers, staff, Trustees, and benefactors for their commitment and support of Rochester Catholic Schools. As we continue to rely on the Holy Spirit to help us see the Grace of God in our ministry to Catholic schools, we also continue our focus on developing the spiritual, social, emotional, and academic growth of young people.

Let us all pray that our journey in life transitions us from a self-serving heart to a serving heart. May the Grace of God and the Spirit of the Holy Spirit be forever in our hearts.

Haidee Todora 
Director of Schools
Rochester Catholic Schools