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Cherishing Our Catholic Schools and Community

Father Tom Loomis
Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees

I have been extremely grateful for the generosity and hope that our stakeholders have given and offered to the RCS community this past year. It is a beautiful sign of how much we do love and cherish our Catholic schools. Many of you have reached out and shared with me how you have sensed leadership in our schools that is working well together and that Jesus is at the center of who we are and what we are striving toward. Why is this important? We realize that Jesus is the only one who can give us true peace, freedom, and hope. With Jesus at our center, we realize that all things are possible!

Why is Catholic education so important to so many at this time? It seems to me that when we believe in Someone bigger than ourselves, then our whole world opens up. We begin to see with the eyes of faith, the eyes of Jesus. By seeing with the eyes of Jesus, everyone is important and everyone is created in the image and likeness of God. We begin with the respect and dignity that all persons deserve, and yet we are not afraid to challenge a world of power, individualism, and consumerism that at times can lead us away from one another.  

Catholic schools allow us to be who we are created to be – people able to love and be loved, people who see and know the importance of every person, and people living in hope and not fear. God bless you on our continued journey together. We are truly blessed.