Timeline for Enrollment



Watch for the date and time of our annual Preschool Information Night. This is an opportunity for families to learn more about our current program along with options for the next school year. Come experience The Nest as you:

  • attend an information session about our program from its beliefs, approach, and content to format and flexible options
  • meet our dedicated leaders and teachers
  • visit and explore one of our preschool communities

Enrollment Periods


Families of Current Preschoolers enrolled in the current school year receive an INTENT TO RETURN FORM. Families will be asked to indicate one or more of the following for the upcoming school year:

  • We would like to enroll our child in the preschool program (specifying a section/class).
  • We would like to enroll our child in the RCS Kindergarten program (specifying a location).
  • Our child will not be attending RCS next year.
  • We would like to enroll a younger sibling in the preschool program (specifying a section/class, child's name, and date of birth).


Families of Current Rochester Catholic School Students (K-12) enrolled in the current school year receive a FAMILY DATA SHEET. Families with younger about-to-be-preschool age children may use this sheet to ADD A CHILD by indicating:

  • Name of child
  • Date of birth
  • Preferred preschool (class/section) program
  • Preferred location


Enrollment opens to the general public. All Rochester and Surrounding Area Families may apply for The Nest Early Learning Academy with Rochester Catholic Schools for upcoming preschool year. Applications may be found online.


Next Steps


  • Placement Letters are sent from each of The Nest locations to let families know if their enrollment has been accepted and their son or daughter has been placed into the requested preschool section (and childcare if applicable).
  • These letters include NECESSARY HEALTH FORMS that must be returned to the school office in April.


Summer Mailings are sent home from each school containing:

  • the Annual Preschool Information Packet (emergency contact information, authorizations, student information, etc.)
  • a letter detailing important back-to-school (all-school events as well as preschool orientation times).


Back-to-School! Teachers will be in touch with families and children to welcome back returning friends and say hello to new friends. Teachers will also provide all need-to-know routines and procedures.