Community Service Thanksgiving Worship

The Nest preschool and childcare communities strive to make these elements of the mission of the Catholic Church present in the daily life of the children. We do so by placing them into the work of the children's hands, on their lips through prayer and song, through mindful practice of social graces and courtesies, and in appreciation and love for Jesus' teachings along with stories of the Old Testament.

Educational Mission of the Catholic Church
“Catholic Schools afford the fullest and best opportunity to realize the fourfold purpose of Christian education, namely to provide an atmosphere in which the Gospel message is proclaimed, community in Christ is experienced, service to our sisters and brothers is the norm, and thanksgiving and worship of our God is cultivated.”
(Renewing Our Commitment to Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Third Millennium, 2,2005

Rochester Catholic Schools Mission Statement
Rochester Catholic Schools develops the spiritual, social, emotional, and academic growth of young people. RCS partners with parents and the Catholic faith community to nurture the development of a Christ-centered learning environment that fosters a culture of excellence where students grow in wisdom, courage and character. Rooted in Gospel values, RCS students are challenged and supported to become critical thinkers, collaborative problem solvers, creative visionaries and servant leaders who bring hope to the world.

It is our goal to ensure that every child experiences happiness and success each day!