"Our four children were blessed to attend The Nest at RCS. We witnessed the preparations and planning of the dedicated educators and knew our children were safe, loved, and nurtured in their care. The learning environment was balanced - whole group, small group, and independent learning. Our children grew in confidence as they prepared for kindergarten, their social skills expanded as they engaged with classmates, and their curiosity soared with the hands-on learning. Thank you to The Nest for the many treasures we have tucked away in each child's memory bin -- artwork, quilts, love notes, scrapbooks, photos, and countless examples of early learning work. We have been blessed."

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Our preschool educators hold rich and diverse experiences in Early Childhood Development (from training, to certification and licensure, to implementation). Of most recent focus in training, the teaching team has explored the content and approach offered through the Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies.

The Creative Curriculum helps organize the areas of development and provides opportunity to experience concepts and build skills through fun and intentional studies (hands-on, project-based investigations of topics that are relevant to children’s everyday experiences). Educators at The Nest understand that the 10 targeted areas of development and content of the Creative Curriculum encompass the child’s whole being.

At The Nest, children are allowed time and space to explore and wonder. In our carefully designed classrooms and spaces, our youngest learners develop a wondrous world of vocabulary, build a mathematical and analytical mind through a strong sense of order, and will grow in curiosity, imagination, empathy, and confidence - all through a heightened power of observation!



The 10 Areas of Development

The Development and Content Areas listed below not only serve as a compass in our work with the children, but guide our communication with you on the growth of your preschool child as well. As adults, we tend to focus on the product more often than the process; when in fact, for our young learners, the end task is the process itself! Sometimes our role as adults is merely to move out of the way in order for the child to experience the process! Perhaps you’ve experienced the words “I can do it!” asserted by your child. As a member of the The Nest community, your child will experience a sense of pride and accomplishment in all that he/she can for him/herself.