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Our school routine is rooted in prayer because we passionately believe our constant connection with God is essential to a life-transforming relationship with Him.

Daily prayer at St. Pius X School:

  • We begin each day with a scripture reading, reflection, and prayer.
  • Each classroom has a prayer corner and typically begins each religion class with prayers of praise and petition for the needs of others.
  • We begin all school gatherings with prayer, including sporting events and practices.
  • Our students pray before and after lunch.
  • Our school day ends with a sending forth prayer.

In addition to these daily activities our students also experience:

  • Students pray the rosary for world peace once a week with a group of parishioners. In addition, students also participate in Advent prayer services, Lenten Stations of the Cross, and celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation twice a year.
  • In October and May, students focus on the rosary and May is also the month Catholics traditionally honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus with a May Crowning Celebration.
  • In addition, our students are encouraged to work toward an appreciation and comprehension of selected prayers as outlined in every grade level of our religion curriculum.

At St. Pius X School we believe that friendship with God is built by sharing all of our life experiences with Him in prayer. Our goal is to “pray continually" (Thessalonians 5:17), conversing with God while we teach, study, learn, play, in fellowship with one another throughout our day.