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Class Schedules

One of the many items the RCS staff have been diligently working on is the schedule for next year. RCS has been truly blessed to have the amount of time, talent, and thoughtful reflection by staff regarding the “spiritual, social, emotional, and academic growth of young people” from our mission statement. Below are three examples of a proposed seventh grade schedule. There are two sections of Traditional and one of Summit Learning. You will receive your child’s schedule at the Middle School Orientation on August 28.

Spiritual Considerations: Our teachers have been continuing work with the Diocese of Winona-Rochester on our religion curriculum in accordance with USCCB. Beginning next year, mass will be on Thursdays so it will not overlap with the other elementary schools, providing families with multiple children ample opportunity to attend mass.

Social Considerations: The schedule was drafted so that while there are two programmatic options for families, the students would still have chances to interact with peers in both programs. The students’ core classes will be with those in the same program that he/she selected (Traditional or Summit Learning). The other half of the day, which includes Religion, PE, music, electives, Spanish and advisory, are a mixture of both groups.

Emotional Considerations: In addition to system initiatives like the Olweus and Stop It programs, St. John’s will have an advisory program for students to connect with a teacher and build relationships with their peers.

Academic Considerations: Research has demonstrated that today’s students have a wide range of talents and needs when it comes to learning. RCS has provided families with two programmatic options to assist in addressing these varied needs. The schedule has been drafted to provide teachers in the same content area a common planning time. This professional collaboration enriches the experience and provides consistency for students in both programs.