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Game Time

The sixth grade and knderbuddies had some quality time together this week playing favorite board games

Cemetery Visit

Honoring All Souls Day with a walk to Calvary Cemetery.  Our sixth graders paused to remember family and friends, prayed with others on this sacred ground, and even sang "Happy Birthday" to a young man with balloons swirling around his grave site.

Leaf Raking

Our seventh grade students helped Fr. Seitz by raking leaves. A total of 45 bags of leaves were collected. Click here for some pictures.


Solemnity of All Saints

Today we celebrated the Solemnity of All Saints as a school community.  

Happy Halloween

Click here for some cute pictures of our preschool and kindergarten students dressed up for Halloween!  

Virtue of Stewardship

Our sixth graders introduced us to the Virtue of Stewartdship and the three Saints for the month of November.  Click here for some pictures.

Día de los Muertos

In Spanish class, students in grades K-8 have been learning about different customs related to the Día de los Muertos(Day of the Dead) celebration in several Latin American countries. Click here for some artwork.

Congratulations to St. Francis of Assisi School Chess Club

St. Francis of Assisi School Chess Club students took first place at the 2018 MN Youth and Collegiate Chess Open. Great job team!  

Fall Artwork is Appearing in the Hallways

Click here and enjoy some art work from St. Francis of Assisi School students.  

Kindergarten Students Learn About Fire Safety

The kindergartners had a great time learning more about fire safety and what it is like to be a fire fighter. A big thank you to the fire fighters working at Station 1 for an awesome tour!

Grandparents Day 2018

We celebrated our Grandparents and Special Friends on October 17th.  What a memorable day!  Please click here for some pictures from that day.

Kindergarten Student Visit Northwoods Orchard

Kindergartners had a great field trip to Northwoods Apple Orchard and learned all about apples!

Kindergarten Buddy Bingo

Kindergarten and sixth grade buddies played buddy bingo today!  Lots of laughs and smiles.  Click here for more pictures.

Fire Safety

Our second grade students learned about fire safety today.  A tour of the fire truck was a highlight!  Please click here for more pictures.

First and Eighth Grade Buddies Meet

Our first and eighth grade buddies met today.  Having fun with a getting to know you project!  

Kindergarten Students Meet Their Sixth Grade Buddies

Our kindergarten students met their sixth grade buddies.  Looks like a year of making memories! Click here for more pictures.

Annual Fun Run

St. Francis of Assisi School had their annual Fun Run on October 6th.  Please click here for some highlights from the morning.

Before School Playground Fun

Fall is here!  Students having fun with the falling leaves!

Kindergarten Students Enjoy Fall

     The kindergartners took in the beauty of the tree they see outside their classroom daily.

Virtue of Reverence

The junior high students introduced us to the Virtue of Reverance at our monthly HERO Assembly. We learned aobut St. Hyacinth, St. Tarcisius and St. Margaret Clitherow. Click on the title for more pictures.


Our second and seventh grade buddies met for the first time! They did a get to know me project. Click on the article title for more pictures.

Eagle Bluff

St. Francis of Assisi School 7th and 8th grade students had a great time at Eagle Bluff!  Click the title for some great pictures.

Rainy Days

This is how we start our school day when it is raining outside! Please click the title of the article for additional pictures. 

Bus Safety

St. Francis of Assisi School students took part in our annual Bus Safety training. Students learned about being safe while they are riding the bus to school and home from school.

St. Francis of Assisi School Students and Staff Celebrate Mass

We celebrate Mass as a school community.

Sixth Grade Spanish

St. Francis of Assisi School sixth grade students are reading a book in Spanish! Do you recognize the illustrations? 

Mayor Brede Visits Grades 4 and 6

Mayor Ardell Brede was a guest in grade four and six today. Please click here for some pictures from his visit and click the article title for more information.

Good Luck to Our Student Council Candidates

Student Council candidate speeches were held this morning, Friday, September 14th, at St. Francis of Assisi School.  Voting began after the speeches were over.  Good luck to all of our candidates!

End of Year Picnic Memories

Some memories from our end of the year picnics!  Click here a short slideshow.  Have a great summer!

Second Graders Visit Nursing Home Friends

Second graders sing to their nursing home friends for their end of the year celebration.

Kindergarten Students Graduate!

Today our kindergarten students graduated to first grade!  

Buddies Treat

Second and seventh grade buddies enjoy an end of the year treat on a beautiful day!

Wild Reader Day in 5th Grade

All year long, the students recorded their books read, and I am proud to announce their total today. The 2017-2018 5th graders read 1,104 books. Congratulations, Wild Readers! Please click the title for additional information!

Chess Club News

St. Francis of Assisi School Chess Club students played at the U of MN Gopher Chess Tournament on June 2nd in St. Paul. They are planning on joining a few more tournaments through the summer. 

Feed My Starving Children

See Christ in others...be Christ to others. Our sixth grade students are living our mission today serving at feed my starving children. Please click HERE for more pictures.

STREAM is at Work! Cubes and Egyptian.

STREAM is our acronym for the learning and integration of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math. Look for evidence of STREAM at work in these designs! Click HERE for more pictures!.

Student Council Big Event

The St. Francis of Assisi School Student Council Big Event this year revolved around active events.  Please click HERE for more pictures and click on the title for more information!  What a great day!  

Buddy Root Beer Float Party

The kindergartners thanked their sixth grade buddies for helping them this year with a Root Root for our buddies, root beer float party.

Preschool Mother's Day Tea

Our preschool students invited their mother's to a Mother's Day Tea.  Mother's enjoyed a short program followed by a tea party!  Happy faces all around! Click HERE for more pictures!

As part our Ecology unit in Life Science, St. Francis of Assisi School seventh graders each chose a species to study in depth.  Please click HERE to preview a slideshow of the some of the pictures.  Click on the article title for more information.

Spring Concert

On Thursday, May 24th, the St. Francis of Assisi School students performed their annual Spring Concert  Please click HERE for some pictures!  Click on the article title for more information. 

Music K-8 Magazine Winners

Every year in January Ms. Judge has the students enter an art contest sponsored by Music K-8 Magazine ~ a resource magazine for Elementary and Middle School Music Teachers.  Please click the article title for more information!

First Communion Gifts Blessed by Fr. Cook

Father Cook blesses gifts that the second graders received for First Communion. We also enjoyed cake, cupcakes and juice! Please click HERE for more pictures.

Kindergartens Visit Oxbow

The kindergartners enjoyed a beautiful day at Oxbow Park. They learned about 3 animals that they could possibly find in our area. They were able to touch and ask lots of questions!  Please click HERE for more pictures.

RCS Junior High Jazz Band

Thanks so much to the RCS Junior High Jazz Band for performing at St. Francis of Assisi School. A great performance! They traveled to all of the RCS Elementary Schools.  Thanks also to their leader, Mr. Scheitel.

Kindergarten Art Fair

The kindergartners hosted their annual Art Show last week. Please click here for some pictures and click the article titile for more details.

5th Grade Visits Assisi Heights

St. Francis of Assisi School fifth grade students shared their art and had lunch with the Sisters at Assisi Heights.  Please click here for some pictures.  It was a memorable day for everyone.

Some Fun With Millipedes

The first graders started a new science unit this week focusing on organisms.  Please click on the title for more information!

Researching Careers

Discerning vocations. Researching careers. Learning about economics.Click on the article title for more information!

Kindergarten Students Visit the Library

The kindergarten students walked to the Rochester Public Library today and learned all about the library, heard some great stories, checked out some books and even got their very own library cards!

The first graders studied a science unit focusing on the beauty of God's creation.   Please click HERE for Mrs. Franco's class video and click  HERE for Ms. Welhaven's class video. Please click on the article title for more details.

Sketches of Jesus

During the Lenten and Easter seasons, our sixth grade students studied faces of Jesus. Lessons on Mathematical scale and proportion integrated with Elements of Color (Shading) and Line have resulted in these individual pieces of art.

Game of Life

Learning about career choices and budgeting have been part of the sixth grade studies this quarter. Students apply their understanding of income and expenses, and insurance and cost-of-living while playing The Game of Life!

Spring Walk?

Mrs. Thompson's second graders walking to the nursing home on a beautiful Spring morning?!

Preschool Fun

St. Francis of Assisi School Preschool spring smiles, gym day and so many ways to paint!  Please click HERE to view pictures.  

Math Masters

On Friday, April 20th the fifth graders from St. Francis of Assisi School competed in a Math Masters competition to wrap up another successful season! The fifth graders competed in math facts, individual rounds, and team rounds.

Grade 4 Studies Pioneer Living

During the months of March and April, Grade 4 students have been learning about pioneers in the Midwest in Social Studies and reading the book, Little House in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls. Please click HERE for more pictures.

Board Book Drive

During Lent, the first graders and eighth graders hosted a Board Book Drive to collect board books for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Mayo Clinic Hospital - Saint Mary's Campus.  Please click HERE for more pictures.

Mismatch Day

Our end of the quarter student council sponsored theme day was mismatch day!  Enjoy some pictures by clicking here.

Kinderbuddy Easter Celebration

The sixth graders helped their kinderbuddies get ready for the Easter season today by making an Easter art project with them. 


St. Francis of Assisi Parish presented a teaching and exposition of Sacred Relics on Wednesday March 28th. Click HERE to view some pictures from this day.

Preschool Creativity

Enjoy some pictures of preschool creativity!  Click here!


Virtue of Respect

Today the kindergartners presented the April Saints and Virtue of Respect. They hoped to inspire everyone with their Hero song: Have the courage to be brave...that's the way to be a HERO! Please click here for some pictures!

Ellis Island

Click HERE for photos of their experience.  Click on the article title for more details about the event.

Chess Club 5th Place

Congratulations to our Chess Club for taking fifth place in the K-8 Minnesota Scholastic Chess Tournament at St. Catherine's University in St. Paul March 24th and 25th.  Way to go team!

History Day

On March 22nd the eighth grade students at St. Francis of Assisi School participated in the first annual History Night. Please click title to read more!


How does one learn about economics, capitalism, and investments?  Through a game of Monopoly!  Click on the title to read more!

Design an Ad Winners

Congratulations to our sixth grade students for their participation in the Post Bulletin Design An Ad Contest. 

St. Patrick's Day Fun

The kindergartners celebrated St. Patrick's Day with their sixth grade buddies by sharing some St. Patrick themed ice cream treats. The sixth graders introduced the kindergartners to Kahoot in a St. Patrick's Day game.

Science Fair

Science Fair Fun!  Please click here for some pictures from our Science Fair which was held in January.  So many great projects! 

RASCL Tournament

Our Chess Club participated in the RASCL tournament this weekend at Lourdes High School. They participated at the junior varsity level and recorded three wins and one loss.  Congratulations to all of our students who participated.

Read Across America

In celebration of Read Across America, the first graders invited family members and friends to come and read to the class. We had many special guest readers this week and loved hearing many new books! It was a great way to celebrate reading in our families and at school! Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Please click HERE for more pictures!

Martin Luther King Junior Poetry Contest

Congratulations to our students for their winning submissions to the Martin Luther King Junior‘s poetry contest. This year‘s theme was we must build Dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear. Students received their awards at a ceremony held at the charter house. Along with sharing their winning submissions, Charter House residents also shared their poetry writing.

Ms. Welhaven's First Graders Visit Mayo Clinic Hosptial

The first graders from Ms. Welhaven's class visited Mayo Clinic Hospital - Saint Marys Campus as part of the Come & See Program. The students participated in a role-play situation to get acquainted with the hospital, the hospitalization process and routine, and the roles of various health care providers. Please click the article title for more information and click here for more pictures.

Virtue of Prudence

St. Francis of Assisi School sixth graders introduced us to the Virtue of Prudence at our monthly Olweus assembly.  Please click here for some pictures!

IBM Engineers Week

As part of IBM's Engineers Week, St. Francis of Assisi School seventh graders learned about STEM career opportunities before being challenged to design, create and test windmill turbines. Each group of students had the opportunity to see how much electricity their design generated when our IBM engineer, Mr. Wetzel, tested each using a leaf blower.  Please click HERE for additional pictures.

100th Day

The kindergarten through second grade students enjoyed a morning of 100 activities to celebrate the 100th Day. They traveled from classroom to classroom getting to see previous and future teachers to do fun different activities. It was a fun time for all! Please click here for more fun pictures.

Valentine Celebration in Kindergarten

Kindergarten students had fun celebrating Valentines Day by making Valentines and exchanging Valentines with their sixth grade buddies.  Click here for more pictures!  

Catholic Schools Week Memories

We had some wonderful experiences this week and made many memories! We dressed our best to head to the Francademy awards on Tuesday! There was a red carpet, paparazzi taking our pictures, and awards handed out to a variety of winning books! Please click the title for more details and click here and here for some fun pictures of our week!

Celebrating Mrs. Plenge

Today we celebrated Mrs. Plenge for Principals Day.  We honored her for her humbleness and dedication to St. Francis of Assisi School and Rochester Catholic Schools.  We are truly blessed to have such a great leader!  Please click here for additional pictures.

Catholic Schools Week Kindergarten Buddy Breakfast

Kindergarten students had breakfast with their sixth grade buddies to celebrate Catholic Schools Week! Click here for more pictures!

Second Quarter Student Council Sponsored Theme Day

At the end second quarter we were able to celebrate with a Student Council Theme Day - Fictional Character Day.  What a great way to end the second quarter.  Please click here for a few more great costume pictures. 

First Grade Visits Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch during Catholic Schools Week

The first graders at St. Francis of Assisi School kicked off their Catholic Schools Week celebration with a field trip to Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch. Each child got to ride on a horse-drawn sleigh and play in the Recreation Center. What a fun way to celebrate Catholic schools!

Virtue for February

At our monthly "HERO" assembly our first grade students taught us about the Virtue 'Fortitude'.  They shared stories about St. Bernadette, St. Joan of Arc and Sts. Paul Mikki & Companions.  Click here for more pictures of the assembly.

First Grader Students Read to Preschool Students

Our first grade students took some time out of their day and shared their love of reading with our preschool students.  Great stories were shared!  Please click here for more pictures!

Happy Birthday Jesus

The Kindergartners celebrated Christmas by having a birthday party for Jesus with their sixth grade buddies, complete with homemade gift exchange and birthday cake. They also watched the movie "Small One" together.  Click on article title for more picture.

Plus Time Grades 1 - 3

Students in grades 1-3 visited different classrooms during Plus Time and learned about Christmas traditions in different countries...Germany, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Columbia and Iraq.   Click on the title for more pictures! 

Gingerbread Houses

Our third grade students used their artistic talents to make gingerbread houses starting with graham crackers.  Please click the title for pictures of this fun event!

Fr. Cook Visits Classrooms

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe was December 12th.  Fr. Cook focused on this Feast Day when he visited our classrooms.

Advent Prayer Services

During the Advent Season St. Francis of Assisi School students, faculty and staff have and Advent Prayer Service each week.  Thanks to our kindergarten, eighth grade students and specials teachers for planning these prayer services.  Click here for pictures.

Buddy Service Project

St. Francis 8th and 1st graders teamed up to spread some holiday cheer by creating some table decorations for the Christmas Eve Day meal for the Sunday Lunch Program.  Please click on the article title for more information. Click here for more pictures.

Preschool Christmas Programs

Thanks to our  preschool students, ages, 3, 4 and 5, for sharing the true meaning of Christmas through song.  Please click here for some pictures of their performances.

Christmas Concert Pictures

Click HERE for Christmas Concert pictures!  Merry Christmas!

Fourth Grade Water Field Trip

St. Francis of Assisi School fourth graders had a great day learning about water. They learned about drinking water, waste water, and storm water!  Please click here for some additional pictures from this field trip.

Rotary Club Visits Grade Three

Thank you to the Rotary Club for gifting our third graders with Scholastic Dictionaries.  They will be useful to these students for years to come!  Click here for additional pictures,

Gingerbread Day in Preschool

Gingerbread day is so much fun in Preschool!

Advent Shakers

The sixth graders gifted their kinderbuddies with Advent Shakers. They can choose one slip a day to work on while they wait patiently for the birth of our Savior.

Second and Seventh Graders Start Preparing for Advent

The second and seventh graders paired up this week to begin preparing for Advent! Together, they made advent wreaths to take home to use in preparation for Christmas. 

Thankful For Our Students

Teachers and staff at St. Francis of Assisi School share why they are thankful for their students! 

Click here to watch their video! 

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

The kindergartner students held their Thanksgiving Feast today. Students all brought food to contribute to the Feast. They participated in five different centers and then had their feast. A fun time was had by all! Please click HERE for some fun photos!

Student Council Sponsored Theme Day

Our Student Council sponsored a theme day at the end of first quarter. Students and staff were encouraged to come 'dressed as your favorite saint'. Our fourth graders represented a wide variety of 'favorites'!

Can You Escape?

Our sixth graders participated in an escape room challenge! Using the skills from their geometry and measurement unit, teams solved problems to unlock the codes! Did they beat the Math Measurement Master?!?!

Eighth Grade Student Visit Cub Foods

St. Francis of Assisi School eighth grade students visited Cub Foods to collect items for  the Ben Franklin Backpack Thanksgiving project with Church of the Resurrection, and the Resource Room Re-Stocking Project with St. Francis of Assisi Parish (personal and household items).

First and Eighth Grade Buddies Get to Know Each Other

The first graders met their eighth grade buddies met. The buddies did a get-to-know-you activity to learn a little bit about each other's interests and favorite things. The buddies are looking forward to a fun year together!  Please click HERE for some pictures of the memorable event!

Preschool Halloween Fun

Jack O Lantern,
Jack O Lantern big and round
Jack O Lantern,
Jack O Lantern touch the ground
Jack O Lantern,
Jack O Lantern up and down
Jack O Lantern,
Jack O Lantern turn around 
Jack O Lantern,
Jack O Lantern wiggle, wiggle, 
Jack O Lantern,
Jack O Lantern giggle, giggle, 
Jack O Lantern,
Jack O Lantern way up high
Jack O Lantern,
Jack O Lantern wave good bye

Kindergarten Halloween Fun

St. Francis of Assisi School kindergarten students celebrated Halloween by dressing up in scarecrow costumes.  

Grandparents Day

St. Francis of Assisi School invited grandparents for an afternoon of entertainment and fun!  Always a memorable event!  Thanks to all of our grandparents for making this day so special!  Please click HERE for more Grandparent Day pictures.

Second Grade Introduces the November Virtue of Friendship

St. Francis of Assisi School second graders introduced our November Virtue of Friendship.

Kindness Retreat

The fifth grade students from St. Francis of Assisi, Holy Spirit and St. John the Evangelist Schools gathered at Pax Christi to experience a Kindness Retreat facilitated by Youth Frontiers.  

Support for Puerto Rico

The devastation of the hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico impacted relatives of one of our school families. Dr Onelis Quirindongo shared the story of her childhood home and the effect of the storms on our brothers and sisters. Students are making cards and writing letters to bring joy, color and support into the lives of the students at Colegio San Conrado,  K-12 Catholic School. 


St. Francis of Assisi School junior high students have begun working on their LEGO Robotics projects with our wonderful IBM volunteers, Mr. Hessler and Mr. Albertson. Sixth grade students are learning how to program the robots to navigate a maze and our advanced group is learning how to use gears to generate speed. Hard work and fun on Tuesday and Thursday mornings! 

Kindergarten Students Visit the Fire Station

The Kindergartners learned a lot about fire safety on their field trip to the fire station.

Kindergarten and Sixth Grade Buddy Bingo

Kindergarten students enjoyed a few games of bingo with their sixth grade buddies.  Fun was had by all!

Firefighters Visit Second Grade

Firefighters visited our second grade students during National Fire Prevention Week.Students learned fire safety and enjoyed their tour of the fire truck!  

Chromebook Discovery Night for Sixth Grade

St. Francis of Assisi School invited sixth graders and their parents to spend an evening at school discovering how the Chromebook is supporting our learning!

Overlapping Hands

Father Cook shared with us a beautiful prayer using your hands... our Overlapping Hands art project reminds us "Jesus, I trust in You; You Did It for Me." 

RCS Launches New Eagle!

Rochester Catholic Schools had a special half-time presentation for our fans at the Homecoming football game -  our new Eagle logo was revealed for the first time!

Kindergarten Students to Northwoods Orchard

Great kindergarten field trip to Northwoods Orchard. We learned all about apples, did a corn maze and pet the animals. What a beautiful day!

Introducing the Virtue of 'Charity' for October

The month of September has flown by and we turn our attention to the virtue for October - Charity. Charity is defined as 'loving God with all your heart, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself'. This week at our all school class meeting, fifth  grade students taught us a small bit about the stories of St. Gertrude, St. Vincent de Paul and Venerable Laura Vicuna. 

Kindergarten and Sixth Grade Buddies Meet

Kindergarten and sixth grade buddies met this week. They shared about themselves with each other and then shared a snack of homemade applesauce that the kindergarten students made.

Kindergarten Family Picnic

The rainy weather did not deter our Kindergarten Families from coming together for a great beginning of the year picnic. We had a full house!

St. Francis Third Annual Family Fun Run

Please register today for the Third Annual St. Francis Family Fun Run at 9:00 am on Saturday, October 7th, 2017. We are excited to announce that this year, our 5K event will be a timed event!

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