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Co-op with Byron High School

Head Coach:  Ryan Radke -
Lourdes Assistant Coach: Zach Hanson -
Assistant Coaches:  Nate Nelson, Tom Cardinal, Isaac Jestus, and Connor Metzger


Parents and Students signing up for wrestling:
Practice starts January 4th at 3:15pm so please make sure you're signed up by January 3rd. 

Here are some new updates important for the start of practice. Feel free to email Ryan Radke or Zach Hanson with questions. 

  • Practice for the week of January 4-8th 7-12th grade will be at the High School at 3:15-5:15pm.
  • Due to some updates MSHSL Guidelines, to start the season athletes will wear their OWN gear for practice. The clothes should be tight fitting to the body and new clothes will need to be worn daily. 
  • Locker Rooms
    • Grades 7-9 will use the locker rooms closest to the coaches office
    • Grades 10-12 will use the west locker room that we normally use
  • Athletes need their own mask and water bottle for practice; water bottle should be filled before practice. 

Registration Information
Steps to Register for Byron Athletics and Activities on SchoolPay 

  1. Complete required once per year no cost items:
         - 2020-21 MSHSL Form and "add to cart"
         - 2020-21 Athletic Registration and Emergency Card and "add to cart"
  2. Checkout 
  3. Refresh SchoolPay 
  4. Select activity and click "add to cart" 
  5. Item will open. 
  6. Complete additional information requested: 
         - MSHSL COVID-19 NOTICE (all sports)
         - Student Email (required for coaches roster) 
         - Student Cell Phone (optional for coaches roster) 
         - Parent/Guardian Cell Phone (required for coaches roster) 
         - Parent Email automatically rosters from payment receipt. 
  7. Add sport(s) and checkout.
         - If you have additional items or students to purchase, click on Add and Continue Shopping. 

Please contact with any system issues and Byron Athletics and Activities Administrative Assistant, Cristina Zabel, with any questions/concerns at or 507-624-0359.