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Lourdes Library

The Lourdes High School Library offers the LHS community a state of the art facility with easy access to a variety of research and web-based resources, all of which are used in developing advanced information literacy skills. This wealth of resources and the “tools" to use them provide the foundation to fulfill the Lourdes High School Library's mission statement to:

"Cultivate a friendly and helpful environment that assists in providing resources and opportunities that foster effective ideas and lifelong learning skills for students and staff."

With an inviting and attractive space for independent and group learning, the Lourdes Library provides a center for teaching and research as a collaborative or individual endeavor. These resources can be accessed directly in our beautiful space or from any mobile device for those needing assistance while on the go.

Because the world of technology continues to influence change at an ever increasing pace, the Lourdes Library has recognized the paramount need to move away from a traditional stand-alone library to a resource that integrates technology with 21st century learning. We believe this shift toward a technology-based resource environment is the most effective means to ensure that our Lourdes Library is successful in its endeavor to provide a literary climate and facility where faculty and students effectively weave research and information skills into the academic curriculum.