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Extracurricular Activities

Creative Art

Art Club

Art Club is for students who are interested in further exploration and use of their creative talents and artistic interests. Monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each calendar month at 7:20 a.m. in the art room. Art Club members will have the opportunity to work on their creative process both individually, and with peers on larger group art projects. Lourdes Art club offers a wide range of activities and projects on a monthly basis. Students will be creating work to coincide with Lourdes and RCS events , as well as creating work to share for events within the Rochester Community.
To learn more about involvement in Art Club, contact Ms. Forsthoffer at jforsthoffer@rcsmn.org

Debate Team

Debate is a fun and a lively fall activity giving all students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to inform and engross themselves on current topics and events in the news. We meet from August-January with two scheduled practices after school and one in the morning each week; competitions are on Saturdays. Topics change monthly and are set by the National Forensics League. Students involved in other fall activities are encouraged to participate in Debate as well as we provide flexibility to work around participants’ other activities and schedules. The Lourdes Debate Team is sanctioned by the Minnesota State High School League.

Debate provides a myriad of benefits to students’ academic well- being including research, writing, public speaking, logical analysis, critical thinking, and citing skills. Learning to be a better and more effective communicator is a positive life skill that will serve all participants well in future endeavors. Students can letter in Debate by competing in at least half the competitions at the varsity level. Come and share your ideas, expressions, and talents with us!

To learn more about involvement in the Debate Team, contact Mrs. Averbeck at eadams@rcsmn.org.

Eagle Online (School Newspaper)

The "Eagle Online” is the online newsmagazine of Lourdes High School. We are excited to provide written and visual information on past, present, and future events occurring at LHS, as well as to publish stories, poetry, and feature articles on Lourdes students and staff throughout the school year. If you have any ideas for articles that you feel would be relevant and newsworthy to share with our readers, contact us! If you would like to become part of the dynamic and creative Eagle Online staff, we would especially be excited to hear from you!

To learn more about involvement with the Eagle Online, contact Ms. Kettl

at mkettl@rcsmn.org.

Speech Team

Speech is a fun and competitive activity inspiring and instructing participants in the preparation and delivery of speaking presentations. Speech team is open to all Lourdes students as well as our 7th and 8th grade students from the Rochester Catholic School system. Speech categories include Extemporaneous presentations (on current events), Informative Speaking, Original Oratory, Great Speeches, and Discussion and interpretive events, Duo Interpretation, Extemporaneous Reading, Drama, Poetry, Prose, and Storytelling. Students can letter in speech by accumulating points for practices, participating in the workshop and competitions, and placing in any of the contests. Students participate in a variety of local contests, an annual workshop hosted at Lourdes, the Hiawatha Valley League conference tournament, subsections, sections, and, hopefully, the State Speech Contest.

To learn more about involvement with the Speech Team, contact Mr. Klebe at mklebe@rcsmn.org or Mrs. Pyfferoen at mpyfferoen@rcsmn.org


The Yearbook Club captures and preserves the memories of the outstanding student body at Lourdes High School. The staff works all year long to record, film, and capture the artistic, athletic, and academic achievements of our school and then preserves the activity into a cherished and permanent keepsake. Students take photos, layout pages, and give local businesses the opportunity to support our yearbook through selling advertisements spots. Yearbook participation provides an excellent experience in both creative production and marketing application.

To learn more about involvement with Yearbook Club, contact Miss Elizabeth Adams at eadams@rcsmn.org and Mr. Riley Sinn at rsinn@rcsmn.org

To share your photographs with the yearbook staff please email lhsyearbook@rcsmn.org



Cultural Exchange Club

The Cultural Exchange Club (CEC) is an extracurricular activity open to all Lourdes students. The group is focused on welcoming new students to LHS, particularly our foreign exchange and international students. The CEC hopes to share our Lourdes and Rochester culture with incoming students as well as learn from new cultures. The club hosts and participates in many activities throughout the year. Presenting different cultures to the school at convocation, organizing and running the annual culture fair, and organizing group outings to sporting events and dances are just a few examples.

The group meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month after school in ED 223 or ED 224.

For more information about involvement in the Cultural Exchange Club, contact Mr. Clapp at sclapp@rcsmn.org



National Honor Society ©

National Honor Society is inclusive for juniors and seniors who display good character, demonstrate high academic achievement, and are actively participating in various volunteer activities within the community. The four pillars of National Honor Society are Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Juniors are asked to apply according to their cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher and their enrollment in two honors courses. If those qualifications are met, students are then asked to fill out an application which is reviewed by the National Honor Society committee. Once inducted into NHS, the inductees participate in school volunteer and service activities, including but not limited to Highway Cleanup, ROAR reading program, and other school volunteer oppotunities. NHS students also create their own initiative throughout the school year to raise awareness about their chosen topic.

To learn more about involvement with the National Honor Society, contact Mr. Streefland at bstreefland@rcsmn.org .

Student Council

The Lourdes High School Student Council is a group of elected student leaders that meet weekly to plan, organize, and implement school events. The student council listens to student body issues and works in coordination with the LHS administration to find resolutions. Student council is a tremendous opportunity for collaboration between students and staff in an elected setting that not only prepare students for future leadership roles in society, but also problem solves for the betterment of the student body in the present. Student Council elections occur at the end of each school year. Any student who is interested in joining this group may run for office. We hope you will “vote” to be involved!

For more information about involvement with Student Council, contact Mr. Jenson
at djenson@rcsmn.org.

Ministry & Service

Campus Ministry/Liturgical Choir

Lourdes Liturgical Choir gives students the opportunity to share their gifts of vocal talent by making a “joyful noise to the Lord” in a dynamic group setting. The choir meets on a weekly basis, practicing on Thursday mornings before school. In addition to strengthening one’s voice and learning musical concepts, the Liturgical Choir is given the opportunity to share its music ministry for our school Masses, prayer services, and other spiritual events making it not only artistic endeavor, but also one of servant leadership to assist the assembly of believers to express and share their faith. Students who are interested in joining Liturgical Choir are encouraged to sign up during the Campus Ministry Open House which is held at the beginning of the school year. Students can also join Liturgical Choir anytime during the year by seeking out the Campus Minister or Liturgical Choir student director. Campus Ministry/ Liturgical Choir is a yearlong commitment, and offers students to celebrate the wonder of God in our midst, through the grace of their music ministry leadership.

To learn more about involvement with Campus Ministry or Liturgical Choir, contact Mrs. Hendrickson
at rhendrickson@rcsmn.org.

Library Aides

The Lourdes Library Aide program offers students an opportunity to volunteer a portion of their open mods to work in the Library. Library aide volunteers play a vital role in the efficiency and productivity of one of Lourdes greatest resources. Typical tasks for Library Aides include shelving books, filling requests for individual patrons/ libraries and making deliveries throughout the LHS building. To be a Library Aide, students must be in the 10-12th grade and be in good academic standing. Applications for inclusion as a Library aide are available at the start of each semester.

To learn more about involvement in the Lourdes Library Aide program, please stop by the Lourdes Library and speak with a Library staff member.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

SADD is a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and “call to action” organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions and protecting the well-being of all students. Topics covered by SADD include underage drinking, drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide. The group is open to all interested students who want to get involved to make a positive difference in the lives of people by fostering awareness and safety in the realm of drinking and driving. Meetings are scheduled twice a month at 7:20 a.m.

To learn more about involvement in SADD, contact Ms. Pannell at mpannell@rcsmn.org.

Franciscan Friends

Franciscan Friends is a club that is open to all 9th-12th grade students who meet every other month throughout the school year. The Sisters of St. Francis love being connected with Lourdes High School students and it is a lot of fun to spend time with the sisters… they are amazing people!

Meeting Details:

Where: Assisi Heights
When: Sunday afternoons for an hour-and-a-half
What: Making a craft, eating ice cream, and playing bingo with the Sisters!
Communication: You’ll receive an email a few weeks in advance that gives detail about each event
To become a “Franciscan Friend,” please email elizabeth.bauer@rcsedu.or

Habitat for Humanity Club

“Habitat for Humanity” is an international, Christian organization that is dedicated to providing housing for those in need. We are fortunate to have a Habitat for Humanity Club right here at Lourdes High School! This club is open to all 9th-12th grade students.

As a club member, you will be invited to attend monthly meetings where we discuss upcoming volunteer opportunities. These volunteer opportunities are varied, so there is something for everyone! There are days (specifically in the summer) when we work hands-on at a construction site. There are also volunteer opportunities to work in the ReStore, help with fundraisers like “Rivals for a Cause,” and participate in Trick-or-Treat-for-Change and many more!

If you are in this club, please click here to view scheduled events and additional information. To learn more about involvement with Lourdes High School Habitat for Humanity Club, please email elizabeth.bauer@rcsedu.org


Center Street Singers

The Center Street Singers is a mixed vocal ensemble of students in grades 9-12 who perform many genres of music. From vocal jazz to pop a cappella … no musical genre is beyond consideration for performance. Auditions take place in the fall, with rehearsals on Tuesdays and Fridays after school. A particularly exciting aspect of Center Street Singers is that in addition to performing for school events, our singers are often sought out to perform for the greater Rochester community. This opportunity offers great exposure to LHS individual and group vocalists, while also providing a service to our civic community.

To learn more about involvement with Center Street Singers, contact Mr. Peter Fourniea at pfourniea@rcsmn.org

Color Guard

The use of flags, as well as dance and movement, is part of the exciting experience of Color Guard. This group performs with the competitive marching band during the fall season. The Color Guard is a vital visual representation of the music and drill team. One exciting dimension of Color Guard is the costumes utilized by members to add dramatic effect to the “storytelling” aspect of the overall presentation. These costumes are designed to fit the theme/era of the music being presented. Color guard strives to connect our audience musically, physically, emotionally, and visually to the sights and sounds on the field.

To learn more about involvement with Color Guard, contact Mr. Sander at zsander@rcsmn.org


Our LHS jazz and improvisational instrumental ensemble, the Hi-Lighters performs both locally and regionally. The Hi-Lighters is an audition only ensemble with auditions held in the fall. Once the group is established for the year, our jazz musicians gather weekly for practice. The Hi- Lighters perform at galas, conferences, concerts, schools, competitions, jazz festivals and other venues to the delight of a wide variety of audiences. Be a part of dynamic musical ensemble which routinely receives enthusiastic response!

To learn more about involvement with Hi-Lighters, contact Mr. Sander at
at zsander@rcsmn.org

Jazz Combo

Jazz Combo is a non-audition Jazz Group welcoming all instruments and skill levels. In Jazz combo, students;

  • Understand the basic fundamental elements of jazz music including melody and rhythm .
  • Participate in processes associated with jazz music including listening, performing, notating, analyzing, and creating (improvisation).
  • Enhance comprehension of jazz historical musical genres
  • Read and interpret jazz music at an intermediate level.
To learn more about involvement in Jazz Combo, contact Mr. Sander at
at zsander@rcsmn.org

Winter Drum line

Winter Drum line is a competitive indoor percussion ensemble that is open to students through audition. This ensemble incorporates the elements of musicality, marching, and theater into its performances. The drum line season includes local, regional, and national shows. Catch the beat! Come join us!

To learn more about involvement with Winter Drum line, contact Mr. Sander at
at zsander@rcsmn.org

Winter Guard

Winter guard is a competitive marching activity similar yet separate from the LHS Marching Band Color Guard. In Winter Guard, students perform choreographed steps with flags, rifles, sabers, and air blades giving music participants an exciting platform on which to perform.

The LHS Winter Guard performs at events such as basketball games and Winter Guard competitions. The season runs from December-April. No audition is necessary and LHS Winter Guard is open to RCS students in grades 7-12.

The LHS Winter Guard is an excellent opportunity for making new friends and developing new skills. We welcome all current LHS music students to join winter guard as it helps prepare you with experience for your other musical endeavors such as the color guard section of marching band.

To learn more about involvement in Winter Guard, contact Mr. Sander at
at zsander@rcsmn.org


Fall Play

Theatre is an essential option for students at LHS as it offers the opportunity for creative and expressive stage opportunities which enhance students’ arts formation. At LHS, all students are invited to audition for our first presentation of the season. This annual production offers the challenges of dramatic or comic acting. The Fall Play is an especially helpful occasion for students who plan to enroll in any of our Theatre course-offerings, as it offers the opportunity to build theatre knowledge while developing live theatre skills. No previous experience is required. Watch for audition announcements during mid to late September.

To learn more about involvement with the LHS Fall Play, contact Mr. Gardner
at bgardner@rcsmn.org

Musical/Spring Play

LHS Spring Theater production offers the challenges of classic American musical theater on the stage of our state-of-the-art auditorium. Singing, dancing, and acting are all part of the mix. No previous experience is required and all students are invited to audition. Watch for audition announcements during mid-February. Past shows have included” Sunday in the Park with George”,” A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”,” Me and My Girl”, “Guys and Dolls”, and the inaugural show in our new space,” West Side Story.”

To learn more about involvement with the LHS Spring Musical, contact Mr. Gardner at bgardner@rcsmn.org

One Act Play

The One Act play is a Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) activity and includes theatre production in a fun and friendly competitive environment. It takes place from December to January. The play parameters are such that the production must be under 35-minutes and have a cast and crew of 20 students. The students audition in November and begin a quick rehearsal schedule under the guidance of an adult director. We compete in the Hiawatha Valley League One Act Festival and Section One competitions. One Act play is a great mix of inspiration and competition!

To learn more about involvement with the One Act Play, contact Mrs. Pyfferoen at mpyfferoen@rcsmn.org

(Limits of performance and cast is from Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL))

Drama Club

Information coming soon.


Lego Robotics ©

Lego Robotics, formally known as the IBM Legos Educational Outreach program, is an IBM Rochester sponsored school extra-curricular activity for students aged 9-18. This program is a tremendous opportunity for Lourdes students to be mentored, instructed, and inspired by local professionals from a nationally recognized leader in technology. Lego Robotics is intended to teach students the concepts of engineering, programming, problem solving, cooperation and teamwork in a fun environment using the Lego Robotics NXT kits and a laptop computer. Students meet on a weekly basis in the fall with one or more IBM mentors along with their teacher-advisor. Each week, students are given a series of projects to build and program a Legos robot with various assigned tasks to complete. The projects progressively culminate in a spirited competition of the participating schools in early December, with competition categories determined by the age and experience of the participants. Lego Robotics has quickly emerged as a premier team oriented technology learning experience. At LHS, we feel honored to be assisted and guided in our endeavors by the fine professional IBM community of Rochester.

All students interested in these technology/teamwork skills are encouraged to join. The meeting times are determined based on the availability of the IBM mentors.

To learn more about involvement with Lego Robotics Club, contact Mr. Cormack
at mcormack@rcsmn.org

Math League

Math League is an after school activity for any student who enjoys being challenged mathematically while exploring new concepts which can be applied to everyday living. Our season runs from October through February. During that time we meet twice a week to prepare for five competitive meets held throughout the season. Each meet consists of four individual events; Number Theory & Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. The meet also includes a team event. Any way you “figure it,” math league is a challenging yet fun way to learn math skills while making friends in an edifying competitive environment!

To learn more about involvement with Math League, contact Mr. Lacine
at mlacine@rcsmn.org.

Science Club

Lourdes Science club meets once a month during the school year to study, explore, and be inspired by the amazing world which God has created. We investigate student driven topics such as climate change and citizen science projects such as counting different bird populations and investigating the possible reasons for the decline of honey bee populations. Students who are upper classmen may join in September.

To learn more about involvement in Science Club, contact Mr. Jenson at djenson@rcsmn.org.

Sci-Fi Club

Lourdes Science Fiction club, an activity for students who appreciate the genre of science fiction media is open and inviting to all Lourdes High School students. The club typically meets on the first and third Friday of the month immediately after school. Most of the meetings include viewing recent or classic Science Fiction television show episodes, or Sci-Fi or Fantasy movies. On the first Friday of each month the club usually includes the showing of a “Dr. Who” episode or special. The participating students are encouraged to suggest additional episodes or movies to view as well as to volunteer to provide treats or snacks to share (in the Commons only). On occasion, a guest speaker may be brought in to give a presentation on a subject related to the Sci-Fi genre. Sci-Fi Club is “out of this world”. We hope you will join us!

To learn more about involvement in Sci-Fi Club, contact Mr. Cormack
at mcormack@rcsmn.org


Chess Club

2017 Lourdes Varsity Team

The Lourdes Chess Club is a place for students to play games of chess and to receive instruction on how to improve their game from our experienced coaches. Players can also compete on the Lourdes varsity or junior varsity teams in the Rochester Area Scholastic Chess League (RASCL) and/or the Minnesota High School Chess League (MHSCL). The Lourdes varsity team is the reigning RASCL champion, winner of the 2017 Rochester City Cup and the 3rd place team of the 2016-2017 Minnesota High School Chess League.

The Benefits of Chess:

  • Strengthen problem-solving skills, teaching how to make difficult and abstract decisions independently
  • Enhance reading, memory, language, and mathematical abilities
  • Foster critical, creative, and original thinking
  • Provide practice at making accurate and fast decisions under time pressure, a skill that can help improve exam scores at school
  • Teach how to think logically and efficiently, learning to select the ‘best’ choice from a large number of options
  • Challenge all types students while learning how to study and strive for excellence
  • Demonstrate the importance of flexible planning, concentration, and the consequences of decisions


The Rochester Area Scholastic Chess League, more commonly referred to as RASCL, is a competitive chess league that encompasses the clubs from Lourdes High School, Century High School, John Marshall High School, Mayo High School, St. Francis of Assisi School, and Kellogg Middle School. Players play on either varsity or junior varsity teams. At the end of the league’s season, the teams play in the RASCL City Cup tournament to determine which team is the best in town. Currently, Lourdes is the City Cup Champion.

About Minnesota High School Chess League (MNHSCL)
The Minnesota High School Chess League is a new league that is offering high school teams competition from around the state of Minnesota. Players play on the chess website Lichess.org using free, league sanctioned accounts. This allows for students to play other players that they normally wouldn’t see in town. Last season, Lourdes High School placed 3rd in the league.


  • Club meets every Tuesday from 3-5 pm in Mr. Zach Hanson’s room (ED 131)
  • RASCL matches are every Wednesday from 3-5:30 pm (Location changes weekly)
  • MHSCL matches are every other Friday from 3-5 pm in Mr. Zach Hanson’s room (ED 131)

Click here to go to our registration form!

For more information, contact our faculty advisor Mr. Zach Hanson at zhanson@rcsmn.org or chess coach Dennis Mays at dennismays101@gmail.com

Gaming Club

The LHS Gaming Club is a new addition to the Lourdes High School extracurricular activities. It is a club in which students spend time playing various board, card, and video games with each other in a controlled and respectful environment. The club meets twice a month on Fridays after school in Mr. Sinn's room. Each meeting features a new video and board game for students to participate together in. All students in grades 9 through 12 are welcome to attend at any time of the year - there is no cost to attend. The club has become a big hit with students and has a bright future ahead of it.

For questions or to get involved please contact Mr. Sinn at risinn@rcsmn.org