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For the well-being of all people in our care, Rochester Catholic Schools provides a comprehensive counseling program to students and families, employing licensed counselors in all three of our preschool-grade 8 school sites. School counselors work with all students and their families to address emotional, behavioral or academic concerns, as well as to provide counseling for developmental concerns such as friendships, conflicts, following directions, anger management, respectful communication, study, and organization skills.

Counselors play a significant role in identifying and referring students for mental health and academic evaluations in partnership with parents. One such referral may be to refer students to the Rochester Public Schools to assess the need for special education services for students with academic or behavioral concerns. Other referrals may be made to community mental health providers or other local professionals who can partner with the school to meet the individual needs of each student. Once evaluations are complete, school counselors are instrumental in writing accommodation plans, coordinating services and maintaining communication with providers.

Counseling programs at each school include a wide array of both preventative and social skill education which include:

Crisis Response Team

Rochester Catholic Schools’ counselors are part of a crisis response team. This team is committed to being available for students, faculty, and staff in the event of local, national or even global crisis situations. RCS counselors provide comfort and understanding during times of crisis, minimizing the emotional and psychological effects of disruptive events. Our goal is a quick and thorough response to a crisis so that our students will be reassured of their safety and sense of well-being.

RCS counseling services includes consultation and collaboration with parents on student/family needs and referrals to community health professionals if additional assistance is deemed necessary.

Preventative & Social Skills Education

Second Step Social-Emotional Learning Program
These lessons cover topics such as Skills for Learning, empathy, emotion management and problem solving. Grades 6-8 also receive alcohol and drug prevention lessons.

Watch this video to learn more about Social-Emotional Learning and view the K-5 Scope and Sequence and the 6-8 Scope and Sequence outlining individual lessons.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Safe Environment Program (Circle of Grace)
Grade 6: "Victim Services” presentation of creating awareness of appropriate touch for students
Grade 7: "Victim Services” presentation of gender roles portrayed in media, society, and culture and how this influences self-concept
Grade 8: "Victim Services” presentation about healthy relationships including the warnings that come with technology and social media

All classroom counseling lessons support the Rochester Catholic Schools curriculum guidelines. RCS counselors meet individually or in small groups with students to address specific topics, offering a custom program based on need.

RCS Counselors

Emily Norton
K-6 Counselor
St. Francis of Assisi School

Nelle Moriarty
K-6 Counselor
St. John the Evangelist/St.Pius X School

Lisa Storey
7-8 Counselor
Holy Spirit Catholic School
St. Francis of Assisi School
St. John the Evangelist campus

Nathan Tuma
K-6 Counselor
Holy Spirit Catholic School
St. John the Evangelist campus