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Rochester Catholic Schools provides a comprehensive counseling program to students and families, employing licensed counselors in all of our sites. School counselors work with all students and their families to address emotional, behavioral or academic concerns, as well as to provide counseling for developmental concerns such as friendships, conflicts, following directions, emotional regulation, respectful communication, study skills, etc.

Academic Counseling Services

Direct Services

Direct services are provided through “one-on-one” student/counselor interaction and implemented through classroom instruction, individual planning, and responsive services.

K-8 Lessons….

The skills identified in the Second Step Program are focused on throughout the year in various classroom lessons, providing students with the tools for positive growth when encountering real-life situations within and outside the classroom. More information about Second Step can be found by clicking here.

Responsive Services

Designed to help students resolve academic, career, and personal/social issues and are delivered through such strategies as:

Counseling - Rochester Catholic School counselors will assist students in individual and/or small-group settings to help them overcome issues which could impede their achievement or success. The counseling process assists in identifying problems, causes, alternatives, and possible consequences so one can make decisions and take appropriate action. Counselors are prepared to recognize and respond to student mental health crises until the student is connected to the appropriate resources. Counselors then work with the student’s therapeutic resource to provide support for success in the school environment.

Indirect Services

Counselors play a significant role in identifying and referring students for mental health and academic evaluations in partnership with parents. One such referral may be to refer students to the Rochester Public Schools to assess the need for special education services for students with academic or behavioral concerns. Other referrals may be made to community mental health providers or other local professionals who can partner with the school to meet the individual needs of each student. Once evaluations are complete, school counselors are instrumental in writing accommodation plans, coordinating services and maintaining communication with providers. Indirect services include:

Referrals - students and their parents may be directed to other resources for additional assistance, which may include academic support, career/college planning resources or mental health support.

Consultation - counselors share strategies to support student achievement with parents, teachers, and other educators within the school building. With written permission, they will consult with outside agencies, medical facilities, and academic institutions.

Collaboration - LHS counselors work with other educators, parents, and community to support student achievement through teaming, committee work, parent events and staff development.

RCS Counselors

Robin Alcala
6-8 Counselor
St, Francis of Assisi
Co-Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist Middle School

Wesley Costa
K-6 Counselor
St. Francis of Assisi School

Nelle Moriarty
K-6 Counselor
St. Pius X School

Nathan Tuma
K-6 Counselor
Holy Spirit Catholic School
Co-Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist Middle School