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Dress Code

Rochester Catholic Schools (RCS) believes common uniformity in terms of appearance assists the learning environment in many ways. Our dress code serves to reinforce Catholic values, limits social pressures on students, minimize financial pressures on our families and maximize the time available for teachers to instruct students. RCS enforces personal appearance standards and a formal dress code is detailed in the student handbook of each school. Specific dress codes are worn in Kindergarten through grade 12.

Dress Codes

Kindergarten - Grade 8

Rochester Catholic Schools believe common expectations in terms of appearance assist the learning environment in many ways. Please adhere to the following uniform/dress code.

Uniform: Grade K-4: Current Donald’s plaid jumper or dress code pants/shorts/skorts.

Grade 5-8: Current Donald’s plaid skirt or dress code pants/shorts/skorts.

Girls are encouraged to wear shorts under their jumpers/skirts (these need not be dress code shorts). Girls may not roll skirt waistbands. Skirts/shorts/skorts must be of modest length.

Pant/Shorts: Boys and Girls Grade K – 8: Solid navy blue or black “cotton twill” or corduroy (hip pockets only/NO cargo pants). NO rivets. Stitching on pants/shorts must match the color of the pant/shorts (e.g., navy blue stitching on navy blue pants/shorts).

Shirts: Boys and Girls Grade K – 8: Solid white or red (short or long sleeve shirts with collars). May include polo or turtleneck but NO mock turtlenecks. Shirts must be free of appliqués, logos, zippers, snaps and hoods. Banded bottom polo shirts in white or red are also acceptable and are available through Donald’s. Shirts without banded bottoms must be worn tucked in.

Sweatshirts: Red or navy blue round-collar or three-quarter zip sweatshirt with Rochester Catholic Schools logo may be worn. Students must wear a dress code shirt under the sweatshirt.

Sweaters: Cardigan or V-neck: Solid navy blue, red, or white. Cardigan or V-neck must be free of appliqués, logos, zippers, snaps and hoods.

Socks: Solid navy blue, black, white, or red socks. Blue, black, white or red leggings (pant length with socks) or tights may be worn under jumpers/skirts/skorts.

Shoes: Shoes must have backs, be snug fitting, and have non-slippery soles. No flip flops or crocs.

Belts: Belts are optional, but if worn should be solid black or brown. No suspenders.

Jewelry/Hair/ Make-Up: Any jewelry/hair/make-up that draws undue attention or that is distracting in nature will not be allowed. Small earrings may be worn.

Students that are not in compliance with the uniform/dress code policy will receive a notice from the school to alert them of changes that need to be made.

Uniforms can be purchased from Donald’s Uniform in St. Paul. A uniform sale is held at Holy Spirit Catholic School before the start of school for convenient shopping. Used uniforms are usually available at this sale as well.

Lourdes High School - Grades 9-12

As a Catholic school, Lourdes High School is committed to advocating for the dignity of every person within our community. The purpose of the dress code is threefold: modesty, consistency and safety. Students are held responsible for the clothing they choose to wear.

All students will wear a shirt with a collar. Shirts must be opaque and buttoned with the exception of the top button at the neck. Additional items that may be worn include blazers, zip ups, turtleneck sweaters, fleece wear, sweaters and crew neck sweat shirts, all without screen printing. Lourdes outerwear is encouraged. This includes all of the above as well as crew neck sweatshirts promoting a Lourdes team, club or activity. Hooded sweatshirts/hoodies and college wear is prohibited.

All students will wear pants/trouser style bottoms that meet the top of the ankle. Belts are recommended. The following pant colors are acceptable: navy, brown, gray, olive, khaki, tan, maroon or black.

All students will wear shoes and socks to school. Boots (without a significant heal) and moccasins with a solid sole are also welcomed.

Miscellaneous items including jewelry and make-up should be conservative with no visible body piercings or tattoos. Pierced ears are acceptable. Hair must be well-groomed, neat and clean at all times and reflect a positive image. Hair color must be natural hair color.

Unacceptable clothing items: leggings, jeggings, jeans, yoga pants, crocs, hooded sweatshirts/hoodies, sandals, sleeveless items and skirts.

Students that are not in compliance with the uniform/dress code policy will receive a notice from the school to alert them of changes that need to be made.

PE Uniforms, School Sweatshirts, & RCS Gear

Students entering grades 7-10 are required to purchase the RCS PE Uniform. In addition, RCS crew and 1/4 zip sweatshirts are available, along with numerous apparel and novelty items.

For questions, please contact the Lourdes High School Spirit Shop at spiritshop@rcsmn.org.