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For the well-being of all people in our care, Rochester Catholic Schools provides a comprehensive counseling program to students and families, employing licensed counselors in all three of our preschool-grade 12 school sites. Our school counselors work with all students and their families to address emotional, behavioral or academic concerns.

Quick Tips for Improving Well-Being and Mood


Chat! Not with your fingers - avoid texting and actually talk with a friend who conjures up a cheerful and supportive message. This is proven to influence happiness.


Smile! Evidence suggests that just smiling and looking happy can lead to a positive mood. The facial muscular changes that happen when you smile elevate your happiness. Show us those pearly whites!!


Laugh! Did you know laughing produces a chemical reaction in your brain that instantly elevates your mood, reduces pain and stress, and boosts immunity? Find a funny movie, silly video, some good jokes, or a funny friend to spend some time with.

Think positively!

Think positively! Turn negative thinking into positive thinking. For example, the next time your friend is annoying you, take 30 seconds to think of things you like about your friend.

Get moving… Outside!

Get moving… Outside! Studies show that regular exercise and exposure to light during the day contribute to less depression and fewer sleep problems. Taking a short walk, a light jog, a bike ride or even a swim can do wonders.


Sleep! Studies show that sleep is actually more important for mental than as for physical wellbeing. Sleep improves memory, attention, spurs creativity, and improves physical health. Be sure you are getting between eight hours of sleep each night.


Eat! Research shows that nutritional health is as important as physical health in improving your well-being. Eat healthy, nutritious, meals & snacks. Avoid highly processed, fast food options which can weigh you down physically and emotionally.

Play with your pet!

Play with your pet! Animals can be awesome playmates, and they provide unconditional love, can make you laugh, smile, and instantly improve your mood!!

Listen to happy music!

Listen to happy music! Listening to upbeat music may contribute to feeling better. Turn on a favorite upbeat tune, or even play some yourself if you’re so talented!

Find gratitude!

Find gratitude! Make a list of people or things that you have gratitude for in your life. Continued to do this daily in order to remind yourself of the fortunes you do have.

RCS Counselors

Sarah Groven
Dean of Academics
Lourdes High School
Grade 12 Counselor

Melissa Pannell
Lourdes High School
Grade 11 Counselor

Jane Ness
Lourdes High School

Grade 10 Counselor

Chelsie Lockner
Lourdes High School
Grade 9 Counselor/Scheduler

Emily Norton
K-6 Counselor
St. Francis of Assisi School

Nelle Moriarty
K-6 Counselor
St. John the Evangelist/St.Pius X School

Lisa Storey
7-8 Counselor
Holy Spirit Catholic School
St. Francis of Assisi School
St. John the Evangelist campus

Nathan Tuma
K-6 Counselor
Holy Spirit Catholic School
St. John the Evangelist campus