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For the well-being of all people in our care, Rochester Catholic Schools provides a comprehensive counseling program to students and families, employing licensed counselors in all five of our preschool-grade 12 school sites. Our school counselors work with all students and their families to address emotional, behavioral or academic concerns.

Quick Tips for Improving Well-Being and Mood

RCS Counselors

Sarah Groven
Director of Counseling
Lourdes High School
Grade 12 Counselor

Melissa Reim
Lourdes High School
Grade 11 Counselor


Jane Ness
Lourdes High School

Grade 10 Counselor

Nathan Tuma
K-6 Counselor
Holy Spirit Catholic School

Brenda Roth
St. Francis of Assisi School
K-8 Counselor


Sam Kleahn