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Staff Recognized for Service & Dedication

Every year, Rochester Catholic Schools recognizes professional individuals that are ambassadors of Catholic education. It’s because of the service and dedication of our teachers, staff, and administration that our students have the opportunity to love, learn and live their faith in service to others in all aspects of their life. We bless and thank these outstanding individuals.

Please congratulate the following individuals for their years of service to Rochester Catholic Schools! 

40 Years: Mike Greve

35 Years: Jeanne Judge-Keane, Barb Plenge, Mary Pyfferoen,

30 Years: Sara Staiert

25 Years: Paul Bachman, Nelle Moriarty

20 Years: Laura Anderson, Dave Dunkle, Renae Majewski, Shannon Weick

15 Years: Dianne Cameron, Mary Spring 

10 Years: Marty Cormack, Brian Moskalik

5 Years: Susan Claypool, Zach Hanson, Meghan Karau, Leann Lentz, Stacy Paulson, Tom Ranfranz, Chloe Schluttner, Laura Smith, Bryan Streefland, Audrey Wenner