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Holy Spirit Catholic School has officially started a Youth Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  As you may know, an adult Society of St. Vincent de Paul is active in each Catholic parish in Rochester.  The Youth Conference will work to support the efforts of the adult conferences as well as initiating its own projects to serve the needs of the poor.  Students in fourth through eighth grade are referred to as Young Vincentians or “Vinnies.”  Students in kindergarten through third grade will be known as “Mini Vinnies.”  
Student Council members will serve as the officers for the school conference which will meet monthly to pray, reflect on scripture, and plan service opportunities for Holy Spirit Catholic School students. Teachers and Administration will serve as advisors to the group and assist them in working to develop opportunities to help our school connect with local and international organizations to live up to and reinforce our root beliefs:

  • All people deserve to be loved and respected as people made in God’s image.
  • We reach our full potential as members of a welcoming, supportive, and joyful community.
  • We have the responsibility to develop our gifts & talents and share them for the common good.
  • Jesus Christ is our model for prayer, service, & how we build relationships.

Students will meet in multi-age “Spirit Groups” each quarter to engage in a community-building service project to meet the needs of the poor and put Catholic Social Teaching into action.  Students will also participate in grade-specific service projects as Vinnies and Mini Vinnies throughout the year to help us “see Christ in others and be Christ for others.”
Pope Francis says, “Let the church always be a place of mercy and hope where everyone is welcomed and loved and forgiven.”  It is our hope that through the prayer and acts of mercy of the Holy Spirit Catholic School Youth Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, our school can become a haven of mercy, hope, love, and joy!