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By: Mr. Mark Miles, Lourdes High School Computer Science Teacher 

In order to provide more authentic, inquiry-based, and hands-on learning opportunities, Lourdes High School is converting an art room and the computer resource room into a STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and mathematics) lab.
Lourdes is looking forward to integrating exciting project-based learning into current curriculum, as well as providing new opportunities for students to explore during their open mods, challenging them to improve their creative and critical thinking skills that are essential in the 21st Century. Not only have teachers demonstrated an interest to incorporate STREAM elements into their projects, but we have also begun exploring challenges that can be presented to student teams to help solve issues of social justice, environmental concern, and scarcity of resources. This lab gives way to exciting interdisciplinary connections as well as mission integration.
The STREAM lab is being developed in multiple phases by the “STREAM Team”, comprised of teachers and school leaders in different departments. Phase 1, October 2017-April 2018, is being implemented this year and includes work space renovation, woodshop and crafting materials, and graphic design tools including a large format printer and vinyl cutter. The woodshop and workspace will allow for students to use raw materials to create prototypes, renderings, and models, while the graphic technology will allow for reproduction of myriad graphics, decals, design features, and more. With such technology in place, students will be able to more fully express and demonstrate their understanding of key concepts, synthesize their learning, and provide aesthetics and presentations to our entire community. Phases two and three, which we hope to launch in the 2018-2019 school year, will include programmable devices, 3D printing, electrical engineering equipment, and metalworking tools and supplies. Our community is very excited to be able to provide these challenging and creative opportunities for our students! 
This project was made possible because of many generous benefactors who supported the Fund-A-Need the Hearts of Gold 2017. Endeavors such as the STREAM Lab continue to help our students and staff live out our mission to grow in mind body and spirit through action.