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Congratulations to LHS student Jacob Curry, son of Timothy and Elizabeth Curry who has been chosen as the Kiwanis of Rochester Student of the Month! 

Jacob was nominated by the Religion Department because he has made a substantial difference in this community through his support of Family Promise Rochester. I believe Jacob deserves to be named Student of the Month in honor of his commitment to "justice" in our community.  An essential piece of attending a Catholic school is applying what you learned to your life. For over 10 years, Jacob has taken it upon himself to host an annual lemonade stand for Family Promise Rochester. Family Promise is a non-profit organization in town providing shelter for homeless families.  When you think of a lemonade stand, you think it is something little kids do over the summer when they get bored, and typically raised a few bucks. In the ten consecutive years that Jacob has hosted this lemonade stand, he has raised over $15,000 for this charity. Just think about that, he is raising, on average, over $1,500.00 per year from a lemonade stand. Of course, it didn't start out that successfully the first few years, but this past year, he raised over $2,300.00.

Jacob has notably been involved in LHS soccer, Euro FC soccer, Marching Band, Pep Band, Church Band, HiLighters Jazz Band, pit orchestra, Grace Lutheran Church Youth Group, mentorship in Mayo Clinic, 3D printing lab, Boy Scouts (almost Eagle Scout).
Jacob has received many honors and awards which include: 2018 HVL Honor Band, 2015 Family Promise Rochester Youth Volunteer of the Year, 2015 US Navy Award for science fair project and 2012 KTTC Young Hero Award

After graduation from Lourdes, Jacob will major in Major in Biology (possible double major in biology/genetics) to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine.

Congratulations to Jacob Curry for being selected as the Kiwanis of Rochester Student of the Month!