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In an effort to help students grow and be successful, Holy Spirit Catholic School launched a new program called SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Results), which provides additional support for junior high students who may need assistance completing their assignments. SOAR develops and nurtures the relationships between teachers, students, and parents to help build success beyond junior high and into high school. 

“We believe that every student has the responsibility to develop their gifts and talents and to share them for the common good. We are blessed to have this community who share the same values and goals and work together to help students reach their full potential,” said Principal Chris Smith. 

SOAR allows students to benefit from each learning opportunity that is embedded into every assignment. If students are missing work they are asked to come in before or after school to work one-on-one or in small groups with a teacher. If students can’t participate in SOAR, the school counselor will work with them individually during lunch. 

“Parents receive an email from me in one day’s advance notice alerting them of missing assignments. Parents are asked to come into the school before picking up the student to speak with the teacher about the student’s progress - these touch points with parents have been well received as it creates a partnership between home and school,” said Smith.