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Rochester Catholic Parish Tuition Grant Application
Affiliation & Parish Involvement Form

Our parishes hold Catholic education as a high value and seek to support parish families in their child’s faith development. Parish funds are set aside each year to aid families who have demonstrated that Faith Commitment is important to their way of life. Through active participation in the life of their parish, families demonstrate their partnership and mutual support of the parish and the mission of Christ. As your pastors, we want your family to receive a tuition grant from the parish to let you know that this is an important ministry for the future of the Church. Parish resources are limited; however, and we are charged with the duty of awarding parish grant money in a just and responsible manner. Because tuition support is awarded from the parish, we have the obligation to direct our parish grant funds to those families that are active in our parishes.

Being active in your parish means:

  1. Regular Mass attendance at your registered parish;
  2. Consistent financial support; and
  3. Ministry and service to others in the parish.

Please help us to fulfill our stewardship of parish resources.

Thank you,
The Pastors of the Rochester Catholic Parishes