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Early Entrance to Kindergarten

The Rochester Catholic Schools (RCS) policy specifies that to enter kindergarten, a student must be five years of age by September 1. Occasionally, exceptions to this policy are made for children whose potential and skills are in the superior range. RCS has specific criteria and procedures for considering parent requests for early entrance. Rochester Catholic Schools takes the issue of early entrance very seriously. This decision is made after thoughtful deliberation, counseling, and assessment of the child. Please contact the building principal if you wish to learn more about the process.

Early Entrance Procedure

  • To ensure consistency across the system, the Kindergarten checklist will be administered as an academic readiness assessment.
  • Student is currently enrolled in a licensed preschool or a licensed family daycare that utilizes a preschool curriculum.
  • A recommendation from the child’s preschool teacher, utilizing the RCS form, must be completed and submitted.
  • Parent Survey – Vineland II. If the counselor or team feels it is necessary, additional testing may be required.
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  • All fees or costs associated with the testing will be the responsibility of the parent.
  • Qualifying birthdays for consideration: The student’s fifth birthday must take place on September 2nd through November 1 st .
  • Applications for early entrance to kindergarten may be begin on the first day of enrollment for the next school year.
  • All costs associated with the Kindergarten Early Entrance Process will be borne by the parent/guardian.

Please contact the RCS Admission Office for more information or to begin the process.