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Scrip is a national fundraising program that offers a simple way for you to earn rewards for your family and RCS. When you shop at any of the 750+ Scrip partner brands (like Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and more), you get everything you love at no extra cost — and rack up great rewards at the same time!

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Scrip Office Closed July 1-31

Here Are Ways to Keep Your Rewards Going This Summer!
The RCS Scrip Office will be closed July 1-31. You may still order gift cards online but must select Ship-To-Home for physical gift cards. Online orders for physical gift cards not shipped to your home will not be processed. Scrip reloadable and e-Gift card purchases via the RaiseRight app may be made anytime at your convenience!

The Scrip Office will re-open on August 2 from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Monday-Thursday, at our new location behind Lourdes High School at 1710 Industrial Drive NW. For questions, please contact the RCS Central Office at 507-424-1817. 



Great rewards

Use your Scrip rewards to reduce your family's annual tuition or donate your rewards to another RCS family, the RCS General Tuition Assistance Fund, a Lourdes Foundation scholarship, or to a Rochester Catholic parish of your choice.

When you purchase a gift card from the Scrip Program at full face value, you receive a reward of a rebate up to 20% depending on the vendor. Of the total rebate, 75% goes to your family to use in the beneficial ways mentioned above, and 25% goes directly to RCS.

The Rochester Catholic Schools Scrip Program purchases gift cards at a discounted rate from national and local merchants where many RCS families already do their shopping. There is endless earning potential and no limit to how much money you raise!

Scrip gift cards can be purchased for everyday expenses like food, clothing, gas, gifts, and other essentials. The gift card is used just like any gift card. No extra money spent.



start shopping 

Register today, and enjoy user-friendly, online Scrip shopping at ShopWithScrip.com, the RaiseRight app, or by visiting the RCS Scrip Office.




"Our family has been utilizing the Scrip Program for several years. We love that we are able to support the school system while saving money on tuition. The ordering and pick-up process has been so convenient, we are regular, weekly purchasers. By using the Scrip Program for purchases we’d be making anyways, we have saved a months tuition!"


"We have been members of the RCS community for over 15 years, and we have been saving an average of $450 a year by using the Scrip Program. Having the ability to purchase Scrip both in-person and online has been extremely convenient. We encourage all families to explore and take advantage of the great opportunities the Scrip program provides!"





QUESTIONS & contact


Do you still have questions?

Visit our frequently asked questions page. 

RCS Scrip Coordinator
Ron Gaines
(507) 424-1817

Scrip Office
1710 Industrial Drive NW
(behind Lourdes High School)

Scrip Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 1:00pm

July 1-July 31


July 1-31: Scrip Office Closed 
August 2: Re-opening of Scrip Office behind LHS at 1710 Industrial Drive NW