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Rochester Catholic Schools Description
The Rochester Catholic Schools (RCS) is a unified Catholic school system in Rochester, Minnesota, in the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. The RCS began in 1877 as the Academy of Our Lady of Lourdes. Today, it has grown to include the Nest Early Preschool Academy, Holy Spirit Catholic School, Saint Francis of Assisi School, Saint Pius X School, Co-Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist Middle School, and Lourdes High School, educating over 1300 students with over 100 faculty members dedicated to the mission of Catholic education. The system enrolls students from preschool through grade 12. RCS focuses on developing whole child excellence and Christ-centered character in a devoted community.
Rochester Catholic Schools (RCS) develops the spiritual, social, emotional and academic growth of young people. RCS partners with parents and the Catholic faith community to nurture the development of a Christ-centered learning environment that fosters a culture of excellence where students grow in wisdom, courage and character.
The Position of the President
As the chief executive of RCS, the President works with the Board of Trustees (the Board), along with the Diocese of Winona -Rochester, to define and implement the vision, mission, and strategic plan for the system. As the chief executive officer, the President’s highest priority is academic excellence where students grow in wisdom, courage and Catholic virtue. The President must maintain and nurture the Catholic identity of RCS, while appreciating and including other faith traditions. The President must have the ability to establish and manage a performance- driven culture in which the President holds management, volunteers, and others accountable for executing tasks and in which the President is held accountable. The President is the primary institutional spokesperson for the system. The President is hired by and reports to the Rochester Catholic Schools Board of Trustees and who annually administers a performance review.
Governance and Operations
The Board of Trustees of RCS articulates the vision, mission, and overall strategic plan for the RCS system, which the President is to execute. The Board is comprised of thirteen members: six pastors, six lay members, and the Bishop of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester. The Bishop serves as the President of the Board of Trustees and affirms the trustee membership. One priest and lay member serve as Board Co-Chairs. The RCS President reports directly to the Board and serves as ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board.
The President works with the five principals to implement the academic mission within our schools and is responsible in leading the Administrative Team within the central office.
Specific governance responsibilities of the President include:
  • Serves as ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board of Trustees
  • Act as an advisor to the Board including bringing to the attention of the Board such matters and data as are appropriate to keep the Board fully informed to meet its responsibilities.
    • This includes annual budget, tuition, enrollment and fundraising recommendations, long- term planning needs, suggestions for board policy development as well as strategies for institutional betterment.
  • Assists the Board of Trustees in the development of strategic goals and basic objectives, recommending changes and improvements to ensure the long-range viability of RCS.
  • Serves as academic expert through driving of the educational vision and mission to faculty, students, parents, alumni, and the broader community. Works with the Board of Trustees to carry out established school policies and to make recommendations for changes or additions to current school policies.
  • Keeps the Board of Trustees informed of important developments, counsels with the Board of Trustees on major school matters and attends and reports at regularly scheduled Board of Trustee meetings.
  • Participates on the committees of the Board.
  • Delegates responsibility, provides effective and appropriate supervision and evaluation of direct reports, and exercise the leadership to advance the mission and vision of the RCS.
Manages all operations the Central Office
  • Represents RCS in its relationship with state and federal agencies including local, state, regional and national educational organizations and accrediting agencies.
  • Represents RCS to all of its constituents including parents, alumni, faculty and staff, Catholic parishes, and the community.
  • Ensures RCS conducts its affairs in a manner congruent with its bylaws and state and federal statutes.
Catholic identity
The President, in collaboration with Diocesan leadership and our RCS principals, will articulate and implement the religious vision of the RCS.
  • Foster a Christ-centered community, in which all members are known, loved, and served.
  • Ensure our Catholic identity is prioritized.
  • Act as the school’s liaison with the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, as well as the with the parishes in Rochester.
  • Championing two of the main priorities for all Catholic entities in the diocese, Evangelization and vocations to the priesthood
Academic excellence
The President is responsible for achieving and maintaining academic excellence for the system.
Specific responsibilities:
  • Retain and attract high quality faculty and staff critical to creating an environment of academic excellence.
  • Recruit, train, nurture, empower and retain faculty and staff who meet and exceed diocesan requirements for academic and religious formation, and demonstrate continuous and improved knowledge and skills necessary for effective instruction and modeling of Gospel values.
  • Develop a highly competitive and market setting compensation packages; develop partnerships with Catholic higher education and teacher leadership preparation programs to create a pipeline for future employment; and promote a culture that supports the professional, spiritual and personal growth of its employees.
  • Monitor and support of rigorous curriculum aligned with relevant standards, and Gospel values and teachings, implemented through effective instruction, intended to provide our students with a 21st century skillset.
  • Utilize recognized assessment methods to document student achievement and review curriculum and instructional practices to pursue continuous improvement.
Mission achieving financial performance
The President responsible for the system’s financial viability. His/her principal responsibilities are in the areas of financial management, advancement, student recruitment, and personnel and facilities management.
Financial Management
  • Oversee, with the assistance of the accounting resources, the business operations and school finances
  • Work with partners to develop and submit a balanced annual operating budget for Board approval through the Finance Committee and the accounting resources
  • Identify and grow diversified revenue streams
  • Provide oversight for business operations and ensure annual audit
  • Develop budget and approve expenditures
  • Oversee Tuition Assistance process and review/ approve appeals
  • Supervise admissions, marketing and fundraising efforts
  • Execute all contracts and agreements, consistent with the directives of the Board
Advancement Program
  • Increase the participation, engagement, and contributions of benefactors
  • Develop and implement a metric driven development program, collaboratively established with the Board of Trustees to meet the present and future needs of RCS
Active stakeholder engagement
As chief spokesperson for the RCS, the President will promote the educational vision within the larger Rochester community by communicating the mission of the system to faculty, students, parents, and alumni with a particular focus on student recruitment.
  • Foster a true sense of community with all partners in our mission
  • Build brand awareness and grow enrollment through multiple channels and forums
  • Implement a strong public relations program for the school within the community
  • Supervise and develop metrics for the implementation of the school’s marketing, public relations, and other policies related to admissions, recruitment, retention and alumni in collaboration with the Board and the Lourdes Foundation
Personnel and facilities management
The President will be primarily responsible for management of RCS personnel and facilities.
  • Work to retain and attract the highest quality faculty and staff committed to the mission of Catholic education
  • Create expectation of performance reviews for all staff and ensure staff are provided the necessary feedback to enhance their performance
  • Supervise and support the Business Office
  • Collaborate with curriculum committee to define the teaching and non-teaching positions needed to ensure academic excellence
  • Oversee and act on hiring and terminating personnel
  • Develop and maintain a program to ensure safety and security of the school facilities to promote safety on our campus and to minimize financial liability or risk
  • Develop a program for overseeing the maintenance and development of RCS plant and grounds in collaboration with the Parishes
  • Work with human resource partners to maintain job descriptions and comply with all rules and regulations
Qualifications and Skills
The President must have a genuine understanding, passion, and commitment to the mission and identity of RCS in the tradition of Catholic education. The President will be a dynamic, creative and visionary, forward-thinking, and innovative leader who fosters learning, growth, and collaboration inside and outside the classroom.
Specific traits and characteristics
  • High energy executive that demonstrates a bias for action
  • Has strong academic experience in Catholic based educational system 
  • Possesses a genuine affection for the human and Christian education of the young
  • Has the ability and willingness to relate to students as well as be visible to and interact with them regularly on campus
  • Has an accessible and approachable style, with a willingness to listen and encourage the development of new ideas while also offering creative solutions to a variety of challenges
  • Respects the dignity of every person and models the behavior that demonstrates appreciation for all individuals
  • Possesses a successful track record of working collaboratively
  • Has a proven ability to create an environment where individuals motivate themselves and can develop teams
  • Possesses both oral and written presentation skills that inspire confidence with internal and external audiences
Minimum Requirements
  • Is a practicing Catholic with a strong commitment to implementing the Catholic mission and willing to serve as an intentional disciple of Jesus Christ who views this role as a mission of the Church, as we form the next generation of Catholics to take the Light of the Gospel out into a darkness of this world. 
  • Master’s degree, preferably educational leadership or related field required
  • Demonstrated capacity for broad institutional leadership (can be obtained through a variety of career paths including education or non-profit 
  • Management experience within academics or related industry
  • Operational experience must include demonstrated ability to work effectively and collaboratively in an academic environment
  • Previous budget management experience required
  • Must have demonstrated leadership competencies (e.g. staff and/or change management, addressing complex issues including but not limited to families, as well as staff) and operations
  • Strong communications skills required
Submissions and Compensation
The candidate should provide the following information on a confidential basis:
  1. A cover letter to describe your interest in and qualifications to be the President of Rochester Catholic Schools
  2. A brief (two pages) personal essay about your strategy to achieve educational and administrative philosophy, how your background and leadership would enrich the RCS to meet its strategic plan.
  3. A current Resume
  4. Salary requirements
  5. References
Contact Names: Father James Steffes and Ms. Pamela Bowman (BOT CoChairs)