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RCS Creates a Virtual Admissions Center

By Carrie Plumlee, Admissions Coordinator

It's been amazing to see the vitality of our staff and students as they swiftly and effectively pivoted into Distance Learning. While students are not in the buildings, our business and administrative offices are still open. It may look a little different with most of the time spent working remotely, but we are still here to help!

Committed to safety, RCS has created a Virtual Admissions page on our website to allow for new ways, such as Zoom meetings, to be in touch with our Admissions Office and school principals remotely and learn more about our schools! Please visit our Virtual Admissions page to see more.

In all dark clouds, we can always find a silver lining. When things return “back to normal,” we will happily keep these new contact methods as options to communicate with families in the manner that best accommodates their lifestyles and preferences. 

As you know, recommendations to a close friend or family member carry much more weight than a commercial or advertisement they may see. We encourage you to share your story of why an RCS education is so special and valuable in your life! Please provide the Virtual Admissions page link to families who may be interested in becoming part of the RCS community.

RCS offers an Enrollment Referral Award as a way to show our gratitude for your vote of confidence in sharing your story and encouraging someone to look into our schools. This award is offered to anyone - RCS staff, current parent, parish employee or parishioner, grandparent, or friend of RCS. The Referral award is awarded at $250 per enrolled student. The Referral Award is applicable on a per-student basis after 45 days of active enrollment.