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RCS Announces Mary Spring as Principal of Lourdes High School

Rochester Catholic Schools announces with great excitement that Mary Spring has accepted the permanent position of principal at Lourdes High School. Ms. Spring served as assistant principal in 2019 and has led Lourdes as interim principal this academic year.

“Ms. Spring continues to exceed all expectations for this role,” said Dr. John Wald, co-chair of the RCS Board of Trustees. “She is committed to developing a rigorous academic environment, including enhancing the math and science curricula and developing programs that allow students to pursue college credit.” 

Most recently, Ms. Spring was instrumental in launching the partnership with St. Mary’s University of Minnesota’s Program for Advanced College Credit (PACC) in which students can earn college credit through Concurrent Enrollment courses while remaining on the Lourdes campus.

Ms. Spring began as a member of the Lourdes teaching faculty in 2003 and has taught in both the English and Religion departments. During her tenure, she played a key role in developing the English curriculum and taught Concurrent Enrollment and Advanced Placement courses. Additionally, as a member of the administrative team since 2015, Ms. Spring co-wrote and managed the New Teacher Mentoring Program.

Prior to teaching at Lourdes, Ms. Spring earned a Masters in Secondary Education as a participant in Seton Hall University's Educational Partners in Catholic Schools (EPICS). While teaching at Lourdes, Ms. Spring earned a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Notre Dame's Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program. Both educational experiences have solidified her commitment to Catholic education.

“Ms. Spring promotes the RCS tenets of whole-child excellence, faith-based character, and a devoted community,” said RCS Board of Trustees Co-Chair Fr. Tom Loomis. “She fosters a welcoming learning environment dedicated to helping all students discover their unique gifts and talents and reach their highest potential.”

"I am honored to lead Lourdes High School in our mission to provide educational opportunities that prepare young men and women for lives that are rooted in faith, demonstrate a love of learning, and cultivate an understanding of the importance of living for the good of others. I am truly humbled," said Ms. Spring.