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LHS Partners With St. Mary's University


Lourdes High School Partners With St. Mary's University to Offer Concurrent Courses Providing College Credit

Starting in the fall of 2021, Lourdes High School will partner with Saint Mary's University's (SMU) Program for Advanced College Credit (PACC) to offer concurrent course offerings in the areas of Math, Theology, and English. With each concurrent course, students earn high school credits as well the option to earn AP or college credits.

"In partnership with Saint Mary's University, we are provided an opportunity to offer a course selection that is rigorous and aligns with our Catholic values. We are blessed to be an extension of the Saint Mary's community and thankful for further higher-level learning opportunities at Lourdes High School," said Ms. Mary Spring, principal of Lourdes High School.

The concurrent program allows college courses to be taught on the high school campus by high school instructors who have a Masters in a particular content area or a Master's in Education with 18 credits in the content area. All high school faculty who teach concurrent courses are vetted by SMU and are considered adjunct faculty with SMU.

Offered to high school juniors and seniors, the courses have the same academic expectations, workload, projects, and exams as their college counterparts, providing a chance for an earlier introduction to college academic rigor. 

“We are excited to offer this program at our school to advance our mission of promoting academic excellence and individual achievement,” said Ms. Spring. “Providing the courses on our campus allows students to continue to be part of the Lourdes community and interact with their peers and teachers, a component we feel is vital to their overall education.”

For more information about the course offerings, visit our webpage.