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All Rochester Catholic Schools (RCS) are accredited institutions. Lourdes High School is accredited through AdvancedEd. This accreditation process includes a five-year cycle of continuous improvement. The cycle starts with parent, student, and staff satisfaction surveys, data compilation, goal setting, and a site visit from an accreditation team. Each year after the site visit, a report is written sharing ongoing progress towards the goals with AdvancedED.

Rochester Catholic Schools K-8 schools are accredited through the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association (MNSAA). MNSAA accreditation is a seven-year cycle of continuous improvement. It begins with a self-study of the school according to the standards of the Association followed by a development of a strategic plan. The participating school then hosts an onsite visit, and the visiting accreditation team validates what is said in the self-study. The accreditation team then challenges the school to grow and improve in particular areas and ensures the strategic plan is visionary and attainable. For the remaining five years of the cycle the school is required to submit an annual report to MNSAA, sharing their progress and analyzing student achievement.

The Rochester Catholic Preschool programs are licensed through the State of Minnesota, and participate in annual reviews by the licensing agency.