New Milestone for Rochester Catholic Schools

Posted: May 23, 2017

Rochester Catholic Schools announced on Friday the reveal of a new unified and cohesive brand identity. This rebrand has unified Rochester Catholic Schools under a singular identity, reflecting the shared story of its four schools that serve students from preschool through high school. Among the most symbolic changes includes recognizing our RCS students as “Eagles.”

“This rebrand has empowered us to communicate who we are as a Catholic school system and celebrate the history and culture that ties our community together,” said RCS Director of Schools, Michael Brennan.

Rochester Catholic Schools worked with Strut, a local brand strategy and design agency. Strut guided RCS through a creative process that resulted in a new visual identity that honors its rich history and will carry the institution forward for many years to come. “Working with Strut has been an incredibly rewarding, exciting, and most of all renewing experience. The Strut team invested countless hours into our project - and under a very tight timeline no less. We have been grateful for their professionalism, attention to detail and the level of creative talent they each possess...Strut took the time to genuinely understand who we are as an organization and to learn what our vision is for our future.” - Michael Brennan

This rebranding effort was supported by a generous donor and executed with an intentional effort aimed at better reflecting our identity and our culture in a more cohesive and inclusive way. The Coat of Arms design incorporates symbolism that honors the school’s history and values while communicating RCS stands together as one family.

The Coat of Arms design was inspired by RCS’s commitment and embrace of the three pillars of Catholic education: spirituality, academics, and community. These pillars are visually represented by a book, a cross and three horizontal lines representing family, school, and church - the three essential layers of our Catholic school community.

The process of updating our media to reflect the new identity is underway, and will include a newly branded and updated website ready for launch in the coming weeks.

“Although many things have changed over the years, one thing that has remained consistent is our cultural beauty characterized by its strength in community and solidarity,” said Brennan. “Today, we are excited to more intensely burn the flame of this spirit that has existed since our founding….and we carry that spirit as Eagles – with humility, respect, stamina, resilience, and the courage to explore and grow. We are Rochester Catholic Schools, growing together in mind, body, and spirit.”