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RCS offers a top-tier education where students celebrate their Catholic faith as an integral part of their daily school experience. The strength and effectiveness of an RCS education rests on our commitment to the three pillars of Catholic education:  spirituality, academics, and community.  Together, these foundational pillars provide the support to develop well-rounded students who are formed in their faith, academically successful, and conscious  of their social responsibility on both a local and global level. 

Rochester Catholic Schools Statistics

  • RCS houses some of the first schools in Southeast Minnesota to implement K-12 programs for “Project Lead the Way,” a nationally-recognized STEM initiative. A unique blend of classic instructional strategies and innovative practices set us apart from other schooling options.

  • Religion and guidance are offered through essential formative years in addition to exceptional instruction and care for individual students. We believe that all of our students are called to be well-rounded people, to live a joyful and morally just life, and to become aware of the gifts that God has given them in order to contribute to their society, family, and workplace in meaningful and impactful ways throughout their adult lives.

  • Students consistently outperform local schools, state, and national averages on ACT exam. We motivate our students to achieve at high levels, and we can afford to know them as a person and give them individualized instruction in order to help them realize their full scholastic potential.

  • Established sense of community within each site and the RCS system welcoming of all families regardless of background, race, or socio-economic standing. Each of our sites emanates a sense of belonging. We are all recognized as children of God. Each of our students are treated as sacred, and it is essential to our mission to protect and guide these gifts from God.

  • Rochester’s original schools (Catholic institutions) -- dating back to the late 1800’s--have grown to become an exciting place, within which students love, learn, and live their faith in service to others. The presence of Catholic schools in Rochester has continued to enhance our local community and our world for over a century.

RCS Parent & Teacher Testimonials

“I believe Catholic education is important because of the community aspect that is very apparent in our schools. For me teaching in a Catholic school is not just a job it is a vocation. We are a family!”  Mrs. Carol Wells Kindergarten Teacher

"Catholic education cares about the whole individual; the real, true person. Together, we are a community of many unique persons with a multitude of gifts and talents. As a teacher at Lourdes High School I have witnessed service to others, reaching out, inclusion, compassion, respect, and dignity of each student by faculty, staff, peers, and stakeholders. At RCS it is all about relationship. I love coming to work every day as we grow and evolve in collaboration with each other and through God’s presence." Mary Kelsey, Lourdes High School Business Instructor

Our family originally started at RCS to take advantage of their full day kindergarten program.  We had an open mind about what we would do after that first year.  It turned out that we found a real community that we could not leave. The relationships we’ve cultivated with teachers, staff, administration and other RCS families have endured for years now.  Our kids are able to study religion, music and foreign language, which is not the case for many schools in the area.  Although not Catholic, we enjoy the faith-based life instruction our kids receive about how to treat others, as you would like to be treated yourself.  Our kids are receiving a quality education and gaining self-confidence along the way.  We would recommend RCS to other families looking for a safe nurturing environment for their kids to flourish. - RCS parent

We could not be happier with our decision to send our children to RCS.  The strong academics, sense of community, and faith centered environment, made it the perfect choice. - RCS alum and past parent