Lourdes Foundation (LFI)

Lourdes Foundation is an independent nonprofit (501(c)3) with the mission to unite alumni, parents and friends in celebration and support of Rochester Catholic Schools. The foundation’s top priority is to serve as the primary resource for scholarships at Lourdes High School, currently providing tuition assistance to one out of five students.

Scholarships established through the generosity of donors provided over $200,000 of need-based financial aid in the 2016-2017 school year. Gifts made through the foundation also support a Music Endowment, which provides over $5,000 annually to support the award winning music program. A Staff Enrichment Fund allows a Lourdes High School faculty or staff member to participate in the Franciscan Leadership Pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy, and share the ethos of the Franciscans, the founders of Lourdes High School. 

In 2016, donors began scholarships for elementary students through Lourdes Foundation. The Rochester Catholic Schools Tuition Aid Endowment Fund is a growing fund established by an anonymous donor for students in all grade levels in the system with the goal to keep Catholic education affordable for the middle class.

In addition to providing scholarships, Lourdes Foundation helps alumni stay connected to Lourdes High School through reunion support and tours, as well as Lourdes Foundation’s website, Facebook page, and Aquila magazine. The annual Sports Hall of Fame, a gathering of more than 400 alumni, parents and friends, is a Lourdes Foundation sponsored event.

The foundation was started in 1974 by parents and friends of Lourdes High School who recognized the need to ensure the continued option for secondary Catholic education for the children of Rochester. It was originally known as Lourdes Development Fund, and in 1996, the name was changed to Lourdes Foundation, Inc. Rochester Catholic Schools continues to be grateful for the more than 40 years of generous support provided by Lourdes Foundation.

To learn more about the mission and work of Lourdes Foundation, click here to visit their website.