Project Lead The Way

Because Rochester Catholic Schools (RCS) is committed to being a leader in STEM education, we offer an innovative curriculum called Project Lead The Way (PLTW) in grades K-12. The Rochester area is poised for significant growth in the next decade with the vast majority of the expected 30,000 jobs in STEM-related industries. With such an exciting future on the horizon, Rochester Catholic Schools wants to ensure that our students are prepared to serve as leaders in our community.

Rochester Catholic Schools offers Launch, PLTW’s newest program, at each of our grade school locations - Holy Spirit Catholic School, St. Francis of Assisi School, and St. John the Evangelist/St. Pius X School. PLTW Launch is designed for students in kindergarten through grade 5. Through a series of topic-based modules, students in PLTW Launch engage in design problems that encourage collaboration, analysis, problem solving, and computational thinking. Students use touch technology, robotics, and everyday materials to explore concepts such as energy, light and sound, motion and stability, and gravity.

RCS teaches the Gateway to Technology curriculum for grades 6, 7, and 8. Sixth graders are immersed in the Design and Modeling unit, while students in grades 7 and 8 take Medical Detectives. 

In addition, Rochester Catholic Schools offers PLTW’s Biomedical Sciences (BMS) program and Pathway To Engineering (PTE) program to our Lourdes High School students. The BMS program is a rigorous and relevant program that allows students to play the roles of biomedical professionals as they investigate and study the concepts of human medicine, physiology, genetics, microbiology, and public health. PTE provides all students with a foundation in engineering concepts. Students engage in open-ended problem solving, learn and apply the engineering design process, and use the same industry-leading technology and software as the world’s top companies. Through BMS and PTE, students have the opportunity to earn college credit, admissions preferences, and scholarships for completed PLTW courses.

We currently offer the following PLTW High School Courses: 

  • Principles of Engineering (embedded into our Principles of Science course)
  • Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Human Body Systems (fulfills our health requirement)
  • Principles of Biomedical Science
Click here to read more about earning college credit for PLTW high school courses.