Strategic Plan

In the spring of 2012, Rochester Catholic Schools (RCS) engaged in a Strategic Assessment and Planning Process in partnership with the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) Consulting Department. ACE Consulting offered their experience in facilitating strategic planning and provided a comprehensive assessment and strategic recommendations in order to make system improvements at RCS. A strategic planning task force was comprised of diverse stakeholder groups, who were charged with evaluating assessment data (including Annual Parent Surveys, ACE Demographic Data and Trends, Visioning Sessions and Focus Group comments) and critically examined the strengths and weaknesses of RCS. During this process we have thoroughly evaluated whom our Catholic school system serves, how it serves, and what the needs of the RCS community are for the future.

Using the research and support of ACE consultants, a two-day weekend retreat was held, that included forty individuals representing numerous constituent groups such as pastors, RCS Trustees, RCS Council, administrators, teachers, staff, parish employees, parents of alumni, and current parents. Alumni and benefactors also came together to carefully analyze and prayerfully discern the formation of overarching goal statements to serve and  guide Rochester Catholic Schools. Each of the 11 goal statements are particularized by listing individual objectives and strategies as well as setting a practical timeline that will assist in making each goal a reality.

Strategic Goals Statements

Goal 1 - Catholic Identity

Rochester Catholic Schools will teach, promote and instill the Catholic faith, inspiring students to grow in their relationship with God, work for social justice and serve others in the spirit of the Gospel.

Goal 2 - Catholic Identity
Rochester Catholic Schools will strengthen the relationship with all Rochester area parishes, priests and parish staff.

Goal 3 - Curriculum
Rochester Catholic Schools will invest time and resources toward implementing relevant technology both as a curriculum and as a tool to support and enhance learning.

Goal 4 - Curriculum
Rochester Catholic Schools will provide students with a balanced curriculum that provides challenging academics, fosters strong work ethic, enhances moral development, and empowers students to pursue their God-given talents and gifts.

Goal 5 - Curriculum
Rochester Catholic Schools will be committed and dedicated to the development of curriculum and best practices in instruction, assessment and staff development to effectively meet the needs of all learners.

Goal 6 - Development
Rochester Catholic Schools will support a comprehensive Department of Advancement that promotes the mission of Rochester Catholic Schools by integrating fundraising, stewardship, benefactor relations, public relations, and marketing and communication efforts.

Goal 7 - Enrollment
Rochester Catholic Schools will increase enrollment PK-12.

Goal 8 - Facilities
Rochester Catholic Schools will optimize the operational effectiveness, efficiencies and safety of our facilities.

Goal 9 - Finance
Rochester Catholic Schools will develop and implement a financial model that supports the strategic Goals of the system and ensures its long-term viability.

Goal 10 - Governance
Rochester Catholic Schools will define and implement a Governance/Administration Model that provides clarity regarding ownership, responsibility, and empowerment at all levels of the organization.

Goal 11 – Staffing
Rochester Catholic Schools will attract and retain quality faculty/staff committed to the mission of the Rochester Catholic Schools.